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If it was someone I met at college I would not have been weirded out. If it is someone I met for the first time -not through another friend- I would be. I certainly would not have been rude about it either.
I have never used 20 yr, but my 10 yr I stock in my cabinent I use for a pan reduction for steaks. After I am done pan broiling the steak, I put in a couple table spoons of irish herbed butter and pour in some balsamic vinegar and quickly trasfer to the steak. It is quite delicious, but the sugars in the balsamic can burn quickly so you must be quick about it, or perhaps use a beef stock to bulk up the liquid content.
The GrindMaster OPOD
This is unfair, the exact shirt I have been looking for, but not my size. What an awesome deal!
Quote: Originally Posted by mrchapel Which is why I have a "disposable" card number that can be used only once. Call your bank or credit card company to see if they have such a feature. I used to use a separate bank account for online transactions. This is also an option; as you could just transfer the amount you want to pay into that account, keeping your main account secure. Excellent idea, though I am not sure Chase offers this service.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maharlika Beautiful! I think it's linen too. I'd get them in red, green, purple, marine blue-- it's very Mediterranean. Yea they are 100% linen. What price would you expect these to sell for?
Is this a good idea? Or is it a bit too colorfull? I am 20 by the way, to give you my age range.
The thing I hate about Jantzen is the horrible site. He uses an EMAIL FORM to receive your credit card info, which is why I have never used him. It is completely unencrypted and very very easy for a 3rd party to intercept the communications.
Any way the stain might wash out? Whats the difference between 11 and 14?
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