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That 17.5 Zegna is almost exactly what i have been looking for. Wrong size though .
darn, not quick enough
Has anyone here ever had jeans altered? I have a pair of RRL that need 3" off the waist to fit me, not sure if alterations are worth it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master Shake I thought after reading the title that this would be a thread about Gucci marketing its own dental floss (for $50 a unit, natch). I was thinking some cheap chinese knockoff. Kinda like the Louis Vuitton crap you see.
PM Sent. My dad can fit these.
Oh man not my size. CRAP
Any idea who made these ties? T&A?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Yes, but when you say "cheeseburger", people don't say, "Oh! l love all German food! I like Spaetzle, Knoedel, and Schwenker... so good! When you say, tempura sushi, and half a dozen people say "Oooh I love Japanese food!" It irritates me, because in no way, is tempura sushi Japanese. Perhaps we have the same viewpoint. I truley like ALL types of food, and I hate when people eat Cali rolls and think they...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I agree, I find American cheese, especially Velveeta, to be much more palatable than its european counterparts. I bet those troglodites still use real animal milk! How barbaric! How can you claim to "love" sushi in one breath, and then advocate its being battered and deep fried? This seems counterintuitive. Being tempura battered and fried RUINS sushi. I can't explain it, but it is good. I dont really...
Ok I admit it, I love fried sushi rolls. Who cares about being "authentic", whats good is good. I love all sushi sashimi, nigiri, etc.
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