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Rayban doesn't hold a candle to RE in any category. I find it hard to believe anybody can even compare the two. Quality = RE without a doubt. I'm sure the decision has been made re: the OP, but the bright chrome is overkill. Matte Chrome, Grey Lense is a great combo. Gunmetal + tan is sweet too. There was also a question about where they're made... They are manufactured in Randolph Massachusetts. Don't go the polarized route if you plan on wearing them under...
Other than thin lapels and a fedora, the cuts don't seem to be very much "mad men" like. The gentelman of mad men wear their suits much longer, and seem to fit better.
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 ^ Cary Grant wouldn't have worn shorts. Now, he was a true gentleman. Cary Grant wouldn't have wasted his time on an internet forum citing others as a gentlemen. He'd be balls deep in some redhead while drinking an old fashion.
I've been doing the two brush routine to this point. I'm glad to hear true reason, and that it wasn't purely obsessive.
How about for colorless, neutral cream? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by mc71 . I really don't know if it;s good or bad in the eyes of the general public. This place is neither the general public nor the the authoritative assembly of fashion. Although the opinions of this board are valuable, you often have to meet someplace in the middle...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum You say that like reading is a bad thing? Nah, but with so much talk of pj's and silk slippers, I couldn't really think of anything else that could be accomplished.
Jeans, flannel/thermal/vneck, and boots. Pajamas? Sweatpants? Turtleneck? Seriously, Dudes? What exactly do you do when you are home, read? Home = work on car, tune bike, cook, build/fix crap for the girl, split wood...
Uhh... looks a size too big from head to toe. How am I one of the only stating that?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder To get started, here are a couple I can think of off the top of my head. I think these only require jackets, though you certainly see a lot of ties as well. London: Wiltons, Le Gavroche, Boston: The Oak Room New York: Per Se, 21 Club Washington DC: Prime Rib The Oak Room does not require a jacket, and although does not prefer jeans, does not prohibit such.
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