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Some old friends have a bar called the north left in santa ana that would probably be a good bet. Formerly the crosby.
helmut lang flannel cargos.
new FASHUN via h.lorenzo
I would be wearing CdG Avignon, but USPS couldn't deliver my foreign shipment, and sent it back to france, only for them to send it back to me. Its gaining global travel i could only dream of.
Im coming down from PDX to DTLA for the art book fair, staying at the ace for a night, where should i eat in the area? I wont have a car. Looking at: Arts district brewing Eggslut BS taqueria B├Ąco Mercat Looking for Nice dinner spot Casual dinner spot beer bars / cocktail spots Good shopping - design / menswear / ect. Thanks!
No shipping, ordered friday.Jan jan t shirt sz L
My favorite purchase this year is the same thing. Heavy calf stooges. Didn't think a piece of clothing would make me so happy. Shoutout to @sinnedk for the lead on the SZ classified, got it for a song.Also, RO black prisoner pants. so cozy.My other favorite purchaseFor the wife
strand+hvass extendable Nissen & Gehl extendable hay copenague
Those are both pretty terrible, Does that top one have chainmail? i wouldn't suggest such a clunky wooden beast as the bottom one for a "light and airy modern apartment"
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