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I had a chance to check out a bunch of daniel andresen in tokyo at Lift. Incredible stuff, most certainly one of the cozier artisan designers, with a wonderful emphasis on interesting knits and textures. If i could only wear Jan Jan + Daniel Andresen I would be warmly content.
Eko is feeling this rare hot fall day in pdx.
^whats that last knit? That sou-mu looks incredible.
Is that the one on grailed by chance?
I heard notre shop might drop sf af1.
This new geller coat!!!
those rule. I love how their footwear always look like half orthapedic therapy shoe.
Took my dude to the vet for his vaccines, and he had an allergic reaction to one of the three. Not sure which but he started shaking (more so than usual) , drooling, and worst of all screaming. We rushed back to the vet for an IV of sterioid, benedryl, and anti nausea. It was terrifying. I understand that helpless feel now, but hes good now and seems fine and up to his usual bullshit. This is how he has decided to ride in the car.
ACG preview
Thanks!The hair does stick to the broom making for a slightly gross experience when you need to peel a giant hairball off it when your done cleaning.We would be socializing him with other dogs, but he still has this damn giardia bug and the vet says we got to kick it before he can be around other pups.
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