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Where were the geller boxing day deals at?
damn theres a pair of size 45 RG x CP on east dane for 288$. someone kop
Olo fragrance has a 25% off sale going on in portland, and online w. code - byebyesun Just robokopped a bunch of new smells and doodads.
Milk milk lemonade (OLO scent shop) got 25% today only. works on everything in store. Nice shop, free green tea and cake.
Cant believe you rode over the hill in that wind. Good rundown, and props for avoiding the typical touristy food traps like pokpok ect...theyre like the voodoo doughnut versions of restaurants. Machus has had some really off buys lately, it used to be my favorite spot to shop. They carried a good variety, geller, silent, some drkshdw, now its all no name black fast fashion tumblr brands. I dont really see people wearing it in portland, so Im assuming it must be all web...
In case you want to pen some notes on Fritz Langs oeuvre , here is your note book. Proceeds go towards scholarship fund.
acquire shcnieder disregard gainz
Good call, I can definatley use a knit, so leaning towards iiljevan. Im 6'4 / 185, would a size seven be most appropriate? I tend to go boxy/oversized versus fitted.
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