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Got these a while back and never ended up wearing them because they're too narrow form me. Condition is 8/10, very little signs of wear, couple scuffs. They've been worn out probably 3 times, and have been sitting in my closet since fw11. Comes with dust bag, box. 200 + paypal fee of 2.9% shipped conus.
Sound like isaora sale was about 50% off retail fwiw. Got a bomber.
Went to trifecta on opening night, it was interesting. Ive never eaten so much bread, but in a good way. Theres a cart rolling around with hot out the oven bread, and the dude is like a bread somillier. Who cares about the rye grain count its bread, give it to me. Few hits, few misses. The pork rillons were disgusting balls of fried fat. The BLT was good as was the kens salad. I was hoping for more of a tavern vibe, but its definitely on the nicer/costly dinner tip. If I...
Yeah i tried it with socks/hi tops and it still felt too short. I think cropped pants are looking weird on daddy long legs. Would definitely work well for someone with a shorter inseam.
lol im 6'5, so this is a common occurrence. Lots of wishful thinking and bare ankles.
Feel like the fabric combo sweat pants are coming up too short for me. Bummed, was quite stoked I finally got these, but im going to pass them on. If anyone wants em holler, then off to marketplace.
If anyone can proxy the isaora sale in NYC i would be many thank yous.
Can anyone proxxy the isaora sample sale? Will be many thanks for you.
Machus just put a handful of geller items at 35%off
^Your sentiment is shared, I dont get why people hate on hats that arent standard fare. But somehow fedoras slid through as being acceptable. That conrad hat definitely peaked my interest of all the hats on offer so far. Whats the sizing like on a sample hat?
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