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He's wonderful, although quite odd. Acts very cat like, hates other people, eats mostly blue cheese, likes to be alone in the dark, weighs 9 pounds. Life is certainly better with him, though filled with new challenges and frustrations. His name is Eko, and he is a sweet weirdo. He's 12 weeks now, and should grow up to be about 20-30 pounds.
Shiba inu x Klee kai related kop Bella casa hair magnet broom. Works so good on hardwood with pet+wife hair
In celebration of the changing seasons I propose a Cozy Boy challenge, warmth meets comfort, brought to you by the Official Cozy thread SW&D Challenge : Warmth meets comfort, the official Cozy Boy challenge
accidentally became this meme
I think the next S&WD challenge will be cosy fits.
Sure allow me to marinate for the day.
Yeah i used venmo, which has no buyer protection, do not recommend 1/10 would not kop again.
scam me once, shame on you, scam me twice, shame on me.
New Posts  All Forums: