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lol i work w/ dude, good people, but holy shit is this gold.
where should my wife look online to find a parka on discount?
The rock acrylic , quartz Dimensions Variable Recent personal work.
I got that fishtail parka off redit, heres a quick lowquality image. Really nice, glad someone posted on here, because I would have never gotten a 52 for that cheap. Gellerx4
This may be a bad question to ask now, but whats the archival-ability of bic pen ink?
that feel when you post a recent purchase in a art thread and it does not gain approval
Os gemeos released this 99/99 60x40" litho this AM at 4,500$ and sold out in minutes. Wow.
New work 8x10" graphite, gouache, acrylic
Cool you hit burnside, I still havent skated there. Good looking on the pro tip on early early. What time did you hit it?I skate a private park, so the thought of getting heckled by some crusties gets my spoiled panties in a bunch.Screen door , overrated? Maybe. Best friend chicken n waffles? Definitely. If you don't go peak time and wait, theres absolutely nothing wrong with it.Finally hit up vintage cocktail lounge. That spot is a gem. Low key, passionate classic...
Thanks, kopped. Need to find a hooded bomber in 52 next.
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