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This seems unnecessarily risky.Anyone ever put insoles in their rick footwear? I need a bit of arch support for newly acquired geos. (thanks kunk)
I swear by this kletterworks bag. Made in usa by mystery ranch, good warranty ect...I got the black/black.
Stoked to share a recent cortez QS project I worked on. I created all the illustration and custom bits.
Hay design for home goodiesAmass was a great meal, similar vibe to noma, but not as expensive or hard to get into.Love the mikkeller beer spots.Storm is great for high end streetwear.My favorite food was the tacos at Hija de sanchez in Torvehallerne. so simple, but incredibly good. 10/10 would recommendCopenhagen street food was a fun spot on the river, lots of good eats and drinks.
Seriously, where and how? And how do you find out about such sale?
The no reservations thing drives me insane. Seems like a pdx specific thing to have this aversion to reservations. On the plus side its made me a much better home cook.
Not a proxy from here, external contact. I asked how I could compensate for time, and he said 15$ is good. I think i paid him 15-20 for a similar check in years back.
^ sufu city guide worthy.
FWIW , I had a proxy go by sample sale, it sold out yesterday. How do you guys usually handle skunked proxy situations?
Lol, would love to hear your reasons. I feel that way sometimes and ive been here 5 years now. I love taylor shelfish co. in SEA if your into fresh oysters and such. Capitol hill has some good shopping, but limited for mens. I usually do most damage on the dining scene. Ballard has some good beer spots - hilliards . Serious pie has some of the best pizza. Walrus & carpenter is a nicer oyster bar, easy to get carried away. baby and co is nice, they have a interesting mens...
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