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Not a proxy from here, external contact. I asked how I could compensate for time, and he said 15$ is good. I think i paid him 15-20 for a similar check in years back.
^ sufu city guide worthy.
FWIW , I had a proxy go by sample sale, it sold out yesterday. How do you guys usually handle skunked proxy situations?
Lol, would love to hear your reasons. I feel that way sometimes and ive been here 5 years now. I love taylor shelfish co. in SEA if your into fresh oysters and such. Capitol hill has some good shopping, but limited for mens. I usually do most damage on the dining scene. Ballard has some good beer spots - hilliards . Serious pie has some of the best pizza. Walrus & carpenter is a nicer oyster bar, easy to get carried away. baby and co is nice, they have a interesting mens...
stutterheim stockholm raincoats at 87$ on farfetch. kopped 2 for PNW life.
Yeah it is. Has anyone been to those sales, do they stock more than 48/sample size? And is it fw15 or ss16?
Such a weak buy, why even bother? I feel like they could easily move bombers, dip dyes, those sort of staples. Bummed because this is my only local place to see product in person.
yeah whats up with this sample sale?
Im also looking for XL tops if your unloading anything.
^ that was rad. I think ive ran through nearly every one of those scenes.
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