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Well after.
Salt Nike SB Rick Geller Silent Nike
Shit photo EG RTH CastaƱer
Valid points. Was hoping for something lighter or with legs. Local shop has this kip stewert for drexel decleration for a decent price ($1,600) Considering it, although it is above what I wanted to spend. It would certainly hold a bit of that value. Theres one on 1st dibs costing 3,500. Would it be terrible to change the drawer pulls to wood or brass?
Is 950 for this dunbar highboy a ok price? Was thinking of offering 800.
Where 2 kop bomber in 52?
What CC company, and did you work through the fraud department ?
I have that, its a bit boxy and oversized and cropped, i sized 50, usually 52. The sleeves have the classic pointed cuff which i love.
What details did you include? Ill be doing the same.
Has anyone filed a paypal dispute/claim and received their jacket or any sort of communication, or anything ?
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