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silent damir doma 72$. Does anyone have this? is it going to be too clingy ?
What kind of shoes should i be wearing with a black suit to a evening wedding? Looking to spend under $150, any suggestions where 2 kop at discount would be greatly appreciated. Shirt will be structured white linen with white pocket square, no tie.
Oh derp, yeah zip blazer.
Going to smallwares tomorrow, can't wait. I didn't know they opened lil wares, I need to hit up brunch there. Frances may is worth checking, maybe table of contents as well. I think they're running a archive sale this week. I was not impressed with norenenko, still an expensive, small bowl of ramen. The biwa scam continues. Have you checked out Atualla? That spots amazing, highly recommended. Also had a great meal at Gruner recently. Really good wine and service.
So im thinking of wearing my fw14 richard blazer to a wedding, what sort of pants would make sense? I have a regular suit, but would like to put a geller fit together. Wedding is in LA, august, is that a bad idea?
some double monkys up on ebiz sz 42
Going this weekend with 10 dudes, and i was thinking mission chinese. Is it still any good? Where else would be good cheap eats that i could get a ten top?
Does anyone know what the fit is like on these shirts?
If reffereing to the atrium post, i dunno the model looks masculine enough.
Atrium has additional 20% off sale with Summer20. I got a true to cast( their house line) shirt, and at 50$ down from 175$, im quite pleased. Nice construction, tailored, and made in usa. no brainer.
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