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70s wash drops
Would anyone expect geller to hit another drop at notre?
no man walks alone has a full run, but not on sale.
the clymbs got a full run kletterworks bags on 50% off. Ive been using the flip top bag for a couple years, really solild made in USA bags from the mystery ranch family.
Where were the geller boxing day deals at?
damn theres a pair of size 45 RG x CP on east dane for 288$. someone kop
Olo fragrance has a 25% off sale going on in portland, and online w. code - byebyesun Just robokopped a bunch of new smells and doodads.
Milk milk lemonade (OLO scent shop) got 25% today only. works on everything in store. Nice shop, free green tea and cake.
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