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Has anyone seen longer mesh shorts this season? BBS 11 has a pair, but im looking for something longer
If anyone would be willing to proxy me a couple pair of shades, that would rule!If anyone would be willing to proxy me 2 pairs of shades, that would rule. PM me !
Thanks for your feedback on them, it sounds like they may be too heavy for summer comfort steez.
Speaking of live edge, I really like this usage, (minus stick bundle) keeping it minimal and part of the function.
Anyone have these cotton shorts from this season that can comment on them? Weight of material? Thinking of picking up at 70% off. Im assuming their mainline Pods, but it seems mrporter doesnt always list style name and drkshdw/mainline, can anyone confirm?
Anyone get those in 52?
y/n? Im feeling the weird base.
losing weight doesnt shorten arm / body length.
man if that was a 52 i would be all over it.
Frames are cheap, its no hassle, quick hit and go. Pretty random assortment of frames, sometimes theyre defects or seconds. I recall paying around 40$ a pair, it was a while ago though.
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