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I feel like these are entry level urban outfitters garb. would pass.
Can anyone comment on mainline level shirts with the 85% VISCOSE 15% SILK blend? Is this a good pickup at 160$ new?
I this the EG one you have? Did you check out this boswell x grover shirt? Collab with some dude who designs custom suits for NBA/tall folks Could be a good kop on sale 50% off at 108$ Anyone handle these in person? Now im on the hunt for something like this, looks like perfect tall boy wear.
I don't understand why so many architecture and design sites look like design republic early 00's sites with terrible nav and cluttered interface. "Heres this beautiful, considered object, but ignore the god awful format its being presented in.Rant aside, Ill add room and board to the list.
SOTD is mona di orio vetyvier. Very strong and smokey for a vetyiver.
Info/link?What are good routes to go to acquire one, is a ebay seller like this with high ratings from morocco a decent bet?
Baby & Co mens sale has some really nice stuff.
i gotta say, im a bit tired of this guys shtick.
sorry to derail. Thoughts on these for bedroom reading lights?
Are those 32" inseam?
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