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Good lookin out melo
Thanks for reply, could you advise on sizing (the size guide isnt linking on the website) on https://www.johnelliott.co/collections/sale/products/net-mercer-tank-black I typically go XL, but its sold out, would XXL work, or L . Tall n skinny 6'4 180.
https://www.johnelliott.co/collections/sale/products/2-layer-basketball-jersey-black can anyone tell if the second layer on this is the tanktop that the model has tucked in, or is it fully sheer?
Derp, oh well. I love that version of flights. If anyones got some 50's they want to unload let me know.
i want. How the hell does one order from yahoo.jp, proxy ?
SOTD: Mad et Len Paname - really nice spicy, herbal, and grassy spring/summer scent. Highly wearable all day. Someone at work was close by and says "wow someone smells amazing," before i can respond, the guy next to me spouts off about his new old spice deodorant and shows everyone his armpit.
yeah i probably wont bid till last minute if i can remember.
anyone in here bidding on that richard 52? Going to give it a try.
whats the main difference between basket swingers/pods/anthems?
Any idea when serie noir private sale starts?
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