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Yeah ide been awaiting that bonus drop for a sec, 140$ for flight pants is a steal.
Damn slept on the sz 50 flight pants on ssense (if anyone got em and they dont work out let me know). Anyone know other stockist that have them?
If someone here got the geller flight pants in 50 off ssense and they dont work out lemme know.
I have this kletterworks in black. Great bag, made in usa ect...Cant vouch for quality, but this DSPTCH bag looks nice and is 158$
ask to see policy in writing to show it to your bro whos a lawyer. Does anyone make techwear/street friendly mesh shorts ? Not super athletic looking, or pyrexy.
Just finished the Goldfinch. Great summer reading, really enjoy anything involving art theft.
Agreed, cropped is looking wild dumb on my 34" inseam daddy long legs. Would 30.5" flight pants end up to short?
Tanner goods sample sale was a win. Tons of good stuff. If your in pdx go today. "Sample Sale, Fri 2-6pm and Sat, 11am-4pm. 50-75% off factory seconds, unreleased samples and previous season goods. 240 N Broadway Suite 012"
New Posts  All Forums: