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just kopped and for the wife (im jelly)
just to clarify, this is the address templeofjawnz@gmail.com right?
@imployt_one Email sent for updated shipping, can you confirm the new ship address has been updated? geltoske at gmail dot com Order date 12.31.13 Black Lambskin MA-1 silver hardware shoulders 18.5" chest (pit-to-pit) 22.0" midsection 21.0" waist 20.5" body length, front 25.5" body length, back 28.0" sleeve length, from shoulder 28.5" sleeve width @ pit 7.7" sleeve width @ elbow 6.7" sleeve width @ cuff 5.7" Womens quilted double rider single needle diamond / black...
Esteemed design friends, i need your help. I am furnishing my first home more or less from the ground up. Its a 1940 construction bungalow with hardwood throughout and white walls. Since its our first home, budget will be a concern, but I want to buy pieces that will last and are not temporary. Since its a clean slate, im a little overwhelmed with the possibilities and could use direction. We're both younger visual designers, but know little about furniture and...
Geller archive sale has some gems in it, they have 3 pairs of a rose wash 46 sample denim. 259$ only 3 pair made.
dbl post...
holler if you see some geller x cp in 46
bday fit geller geller 2nds geller nike
fit of a sz 52 zip blazer geller geller seconds geller nike
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