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If anyones interested I just received a proxy item from japan that does not fit and i must pass it on. Open to jan jan/project O trades as well.
Jan Jan Van essche Project O short sleeve sweater. Incredible piece, very substantial and open knit. Condition is like new 9.5/10 no defects or evidence of wear. Stored flat, not hung. One size fits most, free sized. Pit to pit measures 29" Back length 33" I purchased via and it sadly doesnt fit me. Open to trades on other Jan Jan or project O. Free ship to conus only.
What shoes are they styling the look books with? NM its CEBO listed on one page back...derp. If not these shoes, what are you guys typically wearing with your JJVE? Bidding / proxying a O project long knit off, i never proxy stuff but this is my ideal clothing. Truly wish it was available easily at western accounts.
Just finished this one. Interesting story taking place within the bio dome. Not as potent as some of his recent works, maybe better suited for beach reading. Looking for the next read.
but it costs a lot and errelson has one
this new triple aught design messenger looks promising , and bombproof
I really wish i didnt watch that video.
Call and ask
RE: Mr.porter- Called CS and they said theyre working through some problems, you can hold an item 24hrs until corrected, or they will place order/refund the difference.
glitter livestreaming right now
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