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if serioushttps://www.demobaza.com/demoman/ss16
Got a pair , so nice. great travel shoe also.
So i have a Canadian groiled customer claiming they had to pay 102$ customs to receive a pair of shoes i marked as gift w. a value of 600. hes asking what i can do about that, am i correct in assuming its not my problem? I already split the cost of shipping ($50) so to split the cost of his duties would put me 100 in the hole on it.
I got those but the lack of ease slip on/off made me return and got some of those EVA cheapo birks. glad I did, they rule.
does sample sale kops count?
Whered you find them?Id love to get a pair
Frances may sample sale sunday 10-2
Baby and co is all i could think of.I made a super basic leather tote bag today, Id like to source some more interesting treated leather if anyone knows a source.
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