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reminds me of the nike cheyenne bag.
Harmon kardon headphones 75% off. Would auto kop if i didnt just get new cans.
My wife got the pullover w/ mesh turtleneck thing. Definatley cool. My long hoodie is pretty much what you expect for 50$, length is significant. Will post some fit pics.
Seen that at totokeleo. Pull over knit with zippers is super good. Jacket is weird.
Can we break out the banhammer on anyone who joined SF within the TOJ closing period and constantly shits up the thread? Start a thread on /fa about it.
What was the sizing call for tencel flight pants, size down/up/tts? I dont mind a looser fit.
edt- dbl post
+1 . So bummed when a piece doesnt even get made in the big boy size.Doesnt it seem like the models are pretty damn tall, how could they all fit 48?
Cant wait for the 75%off stacking end of season feeding frenzy.New knit tanks look really nice.
Did you have to proxxy gilt jp?
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