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Where do you live?Anxiously awaiting the PNW season.
Finally ate Nongs last night from the storefront. Good stuff. Pork was really good, even if a bit of a gutbuster. I could see eating the chicken 1x a week. After watching the new Parts Unknown, I want some bollywood in my life. Does it get super busy? Whats a good time to go? Any love for La Taq? Went once, and really enjoyed. Brisket anything.
http://www.machusonline.com/ has some spring geller on sale
Did tencel bomber get made in 52? Not seeing it anywhere.
drkshdw on MH
Acrimony 40% off sale items SPRINGCLEAN14 Some geller bits.
Random photo from my facebook feed. That graphic looks interesting.
shigezo isnt too bad, its a easy fix and not biwa. Mirakutei is my goto. Theres a couple soups at Paa Dee that are a good change of pace from ramen. Sweet/sourish broths, maybe Tom yum based? Good noodles, and lots of pork belly and roast porks. If you add an egg, its a good experience.
Lardo is so beat. Can't understand how its growing so fast. My latest sammiches from shut up n eat / philadelphia market have been keeping me pretty happy. So ive been looking for a new weekday happy hour patio spot in SE. Any suggestions other that white owl/roadside? Tables and discounted beer is a must.
Found these at outlet for super cheap over presidents day sale. Nice cheap beater alt. to CP's.
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