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I was thinking of getting a pair, do you size down or go tts?....and if theyre different fabric and you think you'll get use out of 2 pair, why not?
whats that online canadian consigment shop that sells artisan brands?
edit-double post
I just picked this up in berlin from oukan for around 170$usd.Great shop, lots of accessible pieces and good staff.Its less of a hoodie, but the high turtle neck thing is pretty fun, and theres some good details and fabric mixing. Hits that cozy-wizard aesthetic.Sized up 2 for a roomy fit.Also went through darklands berlin, that was quite a retail experience. Such a amazing space and presentation.
Small world, what was your highlight?The styles in there are something else, i feel like im in the starwars bar scene up in panorama bar.
^ did u kop a 52 sebastian in grey?
Anyone kop?
i am dumb what is TTGS
what size nikes do you wear?
Yes, went the weekend before last for clubnacht. 22hrs deep. Caught norman nodge, francios X, stenny, cassy, black madonna, dj sprinkles, marcell dettman, len faki, and the highlight ; function closing set in panorama bar. Caught his full 9hr set, such a journey. I highly recommend his latest mix on ostgut ton
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