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dont sleep on this deal. so glad i got a 52 at this price. Favorite pick up of the year, wearing it tonight for my bday dinner.
There is a fan there, so I will be using the existing ductwork. Will look into BTU rating.
crescent down works ebay shop
I just bought my first home, and need to get a hood for the range. What to look for? Any trustworthy brands? Budget would be around 500$ .
Just bought a house, and need a hood for the range. I know nothing, where do I begin?
dang thats a bummer. big boy problems. Missing the oversized program, and the longer inseams.
Which allstar clothing did you pick up? got any pics?
I picked up the zip blazer from them in 52. Really happy I did.Arms are trim, and higher, shoulders a little tight. Fit is on the slim side for a 52.
if you have multiple different jackets in queue, are they shipped as they are completed, or together?
This just popped up for 148$cad at nomad in a 48. Never seen this one.
New Posts  All Forums: