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Which allstar clothing did you pick up? got any pics?
I picked up the zip blazer from them in 52. Really happy I did.Arms are trim, and higher, shoulders a little tight. Fit is on the slim side for a 52.
if you have multiple different jackets in queue, are they shipped as they are completed, or together?
This just popped up for 148$cad at nomad in a 48. Never seen this one.
Yeah that looks like a good pick up at that price. Looking at a zip blazer, im assuming im not going to get a better price elsewhere ?
70s wash drops
Would anyone expect geller to hit another drop at notre?
no man walks alone has a full run, but not on sale.
the clymbs got a full run kletterworks bags on 50% off. Ive been using the flip top bag for a couple years, really solild made in USA bags from the mystery ranch family.
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