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Has anyone filed a paypal dispute/claim and received their jacket or any sort of communication, or anything ?
All i have is tan seersucker and black. Groom is wearing navy.
dbl post
Hey Portland SF'ers The studio Ive been working in for the past few months is having a big studio sale this saturday. Come through, say whats up and buy some treasures and support the locals. Ill have tons of work available, in a range of sizes and prices.
Respect to the #gellerfam program of buying odd sizes and pieces as a statement to the stockists to have faith. The onesie actually looks pretty tempting.
I hate ties, dont have one, and they make me feel super uncomfortable.
silent damir doma 72$. Does anyone have this? is it going to be too clingy ?
What kind of shoes should i be wearing with a black suit to a evening wedding? Looking to spend under $150, any suggestions where 2 kop at discount would be greatly appreciated. Shirt will be structured white linen with white pocket square, no tie.
Oh derp, yeah zip blazer.
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