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What was the sizing call for tencel flight pants, size down/up/tts? I dont mind a looser fit.
edt- dbl post
+1 . So bummed when a piece doesnt even get made in the big boy size.Doesnt it seem like the models are pretty damn tall, how could they all fit 48?
Cant wait for the 75%off stacking end of season feeding frenzy.New knit tanks look really nice.
Did you have to proxxy gilt jp?
Much smaller than the barneys 2nds, especially in the sleeves. The difference in fits on XL is drastic.When my east dane package arrived it was open and a shirt missing, didnt even look like it was ever sealed. UPS guy came by later and handed me a loose shirt.
Eastdane has 2nds for dirt cheap right now. Code extra25. 2 Ts for 42$
i have the other raglan seconds shirt from this season, and size runs true. Not sure if its the same cut as these though. 2 geller shirts for 42$ shipped prime.
I need a longer tonal basic T to layer over mine. The tank is super long, so to keep it from looking like a skirt, it needs a long T.
bursted a tear?
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