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Call and ask
RE: Mr.porter- Called CS and they said theyre working through some problems, you can hold an item 24hrs until corrected, or they will place order/refund the difference.
glitter livestreaming right now
ricky O livestreaming ss17 glitter
ARC'TERYX VEILANCE Galvanic GORE-TEX® Hooded Coat %50 off, size M only
wore these for 8 days straight at burningman, can recommend. Comfy and light, and suitable for long term wear.
Solomon speedcross 3 have treated me well for backpacking, Ive given up on boots since im usually carrying light, and only short excursions.
check out geartrader.comStuff can be found for super cheap on backcountry.com ect... on sale.All you need is some good shoes really, and a lightweight shell. Get out there!
I need to try that spot, i went to la sirenita next door and was pretty disappointed. Still trying to find a goto taqueria in the alberta/33rd area. Santo domingo on 42/killinsworth has been doing the job and they have some solid chilaquiles/breakfast burritos, but Im sure im missing something in the area.
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