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Foo, im digging deep in the thread to find some of the dining tables you posted. You wouldnt happen to have those handy would you? Im looking to have a local guy make me something similar to the Eaton by ligne roset
machus sale started today
So im going on a bachelor trip to SF in july with 12 dudes. Castro jokes aside, what can a group of art fag douches in their low 30's get into in SF with that large of a group? I plan on dragging everyone to tommys joynt for a proper cheap meal, maybe mission Chinese and smugglers cove. But other than that im at a loss. Just barhop in the mission? Any beer/burger restaurants that are easy to slide into with a group?
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SOTD is Humus by mad et len. Mysterious, earthy, but crisp. Smells like damp pine undergrowth getting brightened up with the first spring flower blooms. I really want to explore more of Mad Et Len, any one try their other stuff?
Room and board in walnut vs custom furniture maker. in walnut Or any other suggestions on a similar style dresser? Under 2k preferably.
looks too big on first glance, hard to tell from such a shitty photo.
its a xl on the marketplace we shall not name
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