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JFK killed the hat by appearing in public without one. Is Obama trying to do the same thing to the necktie?
Call Freidman's Shoes in Atlanta. It's a mandatory stop for NBA teams when they play the Hawks. http://largefeet.com/index.php 1-800-886-3668
Quote: Originally Posted by Samovar McGee This is like that scene with all the ties in The Great Gatsby. Well done! You mean the scene with the shirts don't you?
Stephen Colbert
Steadman Graham
Check out kenrockwell.com. It's a great source.
Allen Edmonds has blue suede shoe for about $325.
I've had two of them for about two years and they've held up great. Can't speak to BB, but they aren't as thick as the $600 RLs I've seen, but they are about half the price. Mine were made in Italy.
Love 'em. I have two pair of loafers-penny and tassel- and a pair of laceups. I wear the loafers casually and and the oxfords with suits.
The place up on Peachtree in Buckhead in the plaza across from Wendy's. I can't remember the name.
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