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Got a new pair of Red Wing Classic Round 6" boots (9111) in Men's US 7.5 for Christmas. I wore them for about a week, but the boots are too big for me. Outer and inner soles are like new; some creasing on the toe box, but that'll happen with red wings on the first wear. Ships only within the continental USA; please add +8$ for shipping.
patrik ervell white oxford in size small. it's a beautiful shirt; actually, i friggin love it, but i need a medium. looking to get back what I paid. $128 + shipping; if no one is interested, i'll just send it back. originally $220; I paid $128 + shipping. measurements for the patrick ervell white oxford (not a generic size guide) payment: paypal or google checkout
price reduced to $200 shipped. bump
brand new, sealed Braun Pulsonic System 9595CC with LCD Screen http://www.braun.com/na/pulsonic.html retails for $269 selling for $210 shipped in the USA (payment must be made via google checkout) price reduced to $200 shipped bought two, one for myself and one for my dad, dad has no interest in electric. i can honestly say this is the best electric shaver I have ever used. *payment must be made via google checkout. pm me your email address and i will send you a...
mhhh uniqlo, acne, cheap monday, even apc with the discount... anything but goughs. goughs are miserable, i still don't get what all the fuss is about :/
bump. this is marked as a L but fits more like a medium - small. more towards medium i'd say
Brand new 3/4 (half coat) with peaked lapels in black. fabric: mixed cotton here are the approximate measurements: [L ] shoulder-about47cm , bust-about98cm , the length of a garment-about85cm , the width of a sleeve-about36cm , the length of a sleeve-about64.5cm $75 shipped.
original buyer hasn't gotten back to me in a week. this is available again $290 when using google checkout, $300 using paypal (all shipping within the USA)
worst fucking jeans ever. the creases in the thigh are annoying as hell and the cut is HORRIBLE. i got mine for free and returned them for store credit to buy a dozen socks.
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