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Wow. Alden box.
I want an adult version of a lunch pail. Basically I'm looking for a rugged, functional, but also good looking cooler or Lunch bag. This is about the only one I've found that fits all my requirements. http://www.homeofmillican.com/shoulder-bags/les-the-cooler-bag.html This thing looks a lot like a Filson bag(great), seems to pack quite a bit, and looks rugged enough. If you are aware of any other good ones, please do tell. Please keep in mind it must be rugged, so...
I happened upon this at my local thrift a couple days ago. I'm in Denver, and usually don't find many good bags. I have found a couple Filson, 4 Mulholland bags, and Tumi(nothing special but decent luggage), but NEVER anything of this calibre. My eyes lit up when I saw it. $15. It was sitting right next to a Targus bag that was $30.
Wow, nice. I saw a Rolleicord once at a thrift store but they wanted $500.
Hello all! I am back from Boot camp & AIT. It's great to be back to the real world. I am getting ready to clean out my closets, and I wanted to check and see if there is any interest in some items before I take them to the consignment store. I have a bunch of large suits. I need to move these relatively quickly. Brooks Brothers Madison 48/43 fine navy pinstripe pants approx 36:34 pleated, cuffed Brooks Brothers blue plaid 43reg 38 unhemmed pleated pant - tags...
Quote: Originally Posted by BBC Do you mean this one? Love the jacket. Being sold by whusurdadi http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...=188196&page=5 Man that is a *FU* jacket if I ever saw one. Bad Ass.
Quote: Originally Posted by Temujin Found a beautiful midnight blue Majer blazer in my size. Gold buttons and all. What I really like is the iridescent burgundy lining. Out w/ the old RL, in w/ the Majer. Also found a nice online article that helped me know the difference between a blazer, sport jacket, odd jacket etc. Also found an H. Freeman & Sons custom tailored gray pinstripe suit, jacket fits, pants are being altered. Been seeing a lot of...
I found an Oxxford blue blazer today, 46T. Anyone interested? Also found a Nike+ sportband NIB, Wireless N router NIB, and a nice pink pair of BB shorts.
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