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Clean out after a move, still finding stuff in boxes that I thought had disappeared. Will add more if I find things. I know I have a bunch more crap here somewhere. Shipping from Canada. $8 to anywhere in Canada, $12 to States and $15 elsewhere. Diesel Button Up S/S Size XXL but fits more like a large. Simple light button up, has button pocket on the front with Diesel above it and 'brave funshine club' on the back. Dunno what the hell that means. Letters are slightly...
Cleaning out my packed up boxes after a move. No need for any of this anymore. Everything is used, condition is as stated. I try to be as accurate as possible in my descriptions and measurements. I followed the SF suit measuring guide. Ships from Canada. $15 for shipping inside Canada, $20 to the US, and $25 to the rest of the world. Shirts and tie are only $8 shipping to wherever. Any questions or offers, let me know. Ermenegildo Zegna 52C Suit Grey/green color...
I didnt realize theyve upgraded to using PayPal now. I thought it was still the good ol' fashion cheques? Especially since Ippo, you clearly said 'he'll send you a check', which usually means he cant do a paypal dispute... right?
Im not fat, Im big boned Holy fuck this stuff is disgusting... I feel like barfing after seeing that fat bastard in the shower. Ugh. I.. ugh.. Worse than two girls one cup
You sayin its time to stack on the wool sweaters and maybe double up on the denim jeans? Insulation, yenno, to keep me cold.... .... Sonick, not quite, Surrey.
So... doesnt it get a little wet and warm inside those suits? Sonick, Im a little south of you. Not south enough to be an America, but south enough to feel the warmth coming out of Vancouver.
Quote: Originally Posted by BDC2823 I'm here in an air conditioned office, but I just got a picture text from a co-worker who had to go to a project site in the desert. The picture was of his car's thermometer...107. No but seriously.... .... He doesnt have AC in his car?
Technically.. In my neck of the woods, with a maximum of roughly 35C on an average day, and the body temperature being 37C, my title is accurate. I cant even comprehend 101F... My head almost blows up trying to wrap my head around how thats possible.
Ok so I know a lot of the people on this forum wear suits on a daily basis, and Im dying here sitting with no shirt on and a pair of shorts. Stepping foot into the scorching sun causes me to drip more water than a waterfall and I couldnt fathom waltzin around in anything more than my undies. How do you manage to keep cool in this warmth Then again, I guess it depends where you live. Its about 30C here which is 86F, which is probably normal to some. Ice suits?!?!?!
You self conscious?
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