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Just bought a ton of stuff in separate orders. It's all incredible. If I have a little bit of room (but not much, and not after wash/dry) in the medium flannel and oxford, should I go with a 36 or 38 jacket? Also, would the caramel carminas work well with the dark navy of the super 120s?
my tan addisons did this but it sort of corrects itself over time. i wouldnt worry about it.patrick_d those look fucking awesome
that's pretty much what my PS looked like before the wash. it doesnt look like you have big thighs in that photo. plus the thighs will stretch out to accommodate your thighs within reason
Quote: Originally Posted by strongisland I got a new pair of APC's about 6 months ago and the combo of them fully stretching and me losing a 1/2 size made them too big now. I was wondering if anyone knows what I could do to shrink them. I know putting them in the dryer can leave weird creases. I'm just hoping to shrink them to approximately what they were at first. I sized down 2, from 30 to 28 on my PS and after like 9 months just threw...
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did anyone post the indiana university vineyard vines competition videos because those are incredible
has anyone addressed the cause of pain on the back of the heel caused by 877s? i'm getting it pretty bad but only on the right foot. baffling
i apply it while wearing the boots and then continue wearing them. not a problem
oh and 12 in sperry's
Quote: Originally Posted by Vecna Do 1000 miles fit true to size? This site implies that they fit half a size large. Comments? I wear a 13 in vans and adidas, 11 in clarks and converse all-stars, and went down to 10.5 for the 1000 miles... they fit perfectly
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