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Oh my, why would you look at American labels when you can have anything you want made to measure locally for 1K per suit, in nice tropical worsteds . . .
The sub-text of these shortened, unstructured jackets, is to poke fun at the 'dreadnought' of blazers: full canvas, full padding, some cashmere in the blend, perhaps gold plated cast brass buttons, and worn very little these days. And the dreadnought's time has passed, and something else will take its place. The shortened jacket (does it have a name) is a bit evocative of the comic suit ensembles which Pewee Herman wore in his kiddie television show. It is a transitional...
On a pair of cotton twill slacks like this the stitching holes really will not be visible after a washing or two. I am with you on taking the label off, BTW.
The current cut (raised hem) of those jackets is always a little problematic. They probably work best either with jeans, and unbuttoned, or in a suit where the transition from the the jacket to the pants is made less obvious through the continuity of the fabric.Wearing these jacket buttoned with off white trousers does show the hem line at the widest point of the hips, doesn't it? And this sharp emphasis on the broadest portion of the pelvis, undoes the outline of a...
Really? It sounds as if you know the line very well, and I do not. Yet from the photo there does not seem to be room for a Goodyear welt in the stack.
Almost certainly Blake stitched.
With Loakes, I would definitely go with the 10.5 UK for a US 11.
Nice jacket. I have a soft spot for linen. The fit does seem on the snug side, or is there some tension in your shoulder? You might try taking a deep breath, rolling your shoulders in a full circle, and then leaving them further back, and taking the photo again. Posture always matters, but it changes fits enormously when you are wearing unstructured summer clothes.
Eyebobs, does a broad range of very low power reading glasses, all the way down to 1.0 magnification.
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