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100% cotton. Chest: 19" Length: 29" Sleeve: 25" Price includes shipping.
Size 9. Lizard skin. Only worn once outside. No box. $300 shipped within U.S. Retails for $598
30% off @ Acrimony spring stuff MEMDAY13 30% off @ Blackbird REMEMBER
Brand New. Only tried on. 100% cotton 30" waist (feels more of a 28/29) 32" inseam 7" hem Theyre skinny in the thighs, reason why I am selling them, so keep that in mind.
Anyone have an extra friend code they could PM me?
Condition 9/10 Size 2, I am a 46 in most things and this fits perfectly. Color: Charcoal, comes off as dark olive'ish/brown. $1000 shipped within US +4% paypal fee or gift.
Did Blackbird even mark down anything? All the things I wanted didnt change.
Walk in a straight line so I can pass your slow walking tourist ass. I got places to be!!
Damn you and your giant feet. Sweet combats.
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