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Does Baromon do CMT? If so , how much do they charge?
Yes, pictures would be good for us to assess the fit. Please also include close ups for us to assess the quality. Does the shirt maker :- 1. shank the buttons? 2. use mother of pearl buttons and offer thicker buttons as options? 3. provide non fused collars and cuffs as a default?
Does Baroman accept CMT? What do they charge these days? How do you find the finish as compared to WW Chan?
1. Did you specifically request for non-fused collars when ordering your AC shirts? 2. What fabric is your Brooks Brother's shirt constructed of? Is the thread count the same as your AC?
David's Shirts in the Mandarin Oriental Shopping Arcade is worth a look. Ascot Chang is an excellent choice
Does William Yu do CMT? How much do they charge ?
The key is to find a decent shirtmaker in Singapore in the first instance.
Fishball, Thanks for the info. You wouldn't know if either if them do unfused collars & cuffs?
Reasons for refusing CMT , apart from the sub standard cloth is also the need to re-cut when issues arise during the fittings. In certain cases where matching patterns are required, the customer may not provide sufficient fabric. Be that as it may I wonder if any member have any experiences with regards to CMT for shirts with the tailors mentioned in this thread? If the answer is in the affirmative , what costs have they quoted for this service?
Having used both, I would say that the Asian tailors require a great deal of direction & specific instructions to reach the same results as compared to the ones in Europe. Having said that, I also understand that there's a great number of Chinese (Asian) tailors working off the Row as finishers and in the garment trade in Italy
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