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From the article"Along with this unique section, the store has some of the Uniqlo's more well-known capsule collections, including Ines (by Ines de la Fressange) as well as Uniqlo U."
I have a grana invite if you'd like. I just picked up my shirts so not sure how much they shrink. I really like the fit pre-wash.
Thanks - just picked up the 9D scotch grains. I'm usually a 9.5D but should be fine.
I've got my whiskey lamb 4-zip moto up on the site that must not be named... feel free to msg me there or here. https://www.*******.com/listings/336261-temple-of-jawnz-toj-whiskey-lamb-4-zip-moto
Selling my size ~47 moto in whiskey lamb
Just picked it up. Thanks.
Hi - I'm looking for a high quality black dress belt, preferably in the $75 - 100 range. Would also be interested in lightly worn belts.
Still looking for a daypack spot. Still selling a very WORN A2 (stock 46) for ~$400 shipped. Thx!
Hi, I'm looking for a coat for this upcoming winter. I'm based in Toronto to give you an idea of what kind of weather I"ll be wearing the coat in. My price range is highly flexible - anywhere from ~$200 to 600+ would be considered, depending on the maker. This coat would be worn in a business environment, but I'm happy to wear something a little more fashion forward as well. Thanks!
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