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Anyone want to proxy me Jos. A. Bank shoe trees? Located in Canada.
LF a TOJ Daypack spot.
Interested In: - Daypack - Navy suiting wool MA-1 (48) For Sale: - Worn-in A2 looking for ~$400 shipped (stock 46)
Have a pretty worn-in a2 in brown (stock 46) that I'd be willing to trade and/or sell, shoot me a pm if interested
Somehow I've managed to go 22 years without ever owning sunglasses, and looking to purchase my first pair. I've got a small/oval-shaped asian face and I'm deciding between the Rayban clubmaster ii's (RB2156) and the Tom Ford Henry's. Both clubmaster style frames but not sure whether or not it's worth ~3x the price for the Tom Ford's, or if they'll be too big for my face. Anyone have any comment on either of those sunglasses?
That's very useful, thank you for the link!
Looking for Styleforum Approved™ ties for a CBD environment (IBD/corporate law setting). Shoot me a message! New or used is fine!
Hi friends, I could really use some help think about what suit I should get next, or what are some good options down the road. The suits are to be worn in a formal business environment (corporate law/investment banking). I currently own a navy herringbone, and a plain navy and plain charcoal. I am looking to get at least 1 or 2 more. Thanks!
Where'd you pick up the black/white flyknit trainers? ^
Anyone know where I can find some well fitting sweatpants, as well as some nice U-neck/V-neck t-shirts in Hong Kong? Much appreciated!
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