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Just a heads up for those interested in the Fair Isle shawl collar cardigan (Irish Country), I scooped it up at Barney's San Francisco on Thurs. for $179. it was the last one there but those interested might try calling other Barney's.
Oh Alden, there was time when I couldn't wait to see what was next, when I needed to know what was next, and perhaps even have you. Late at night sometimes I'd open up a box and stare at the wave of your shell or run my finger over your brogue lines. What happened? I feel like I'm not a priority anymore, that your attentions are elsewhere, on other people and new collaborations. All things must come to an end and I feel like our relationship has come to that. If only...
I like the 2nd from the left, Diamond Serif, as well. The problem for me is that the middle initial is actually the initial for your last name. My initials are CPR. In this configuration it would read CRP which looks, literally, like crap. Lol. That's why I don't have anything monogrammed.
Not very typical of pickups in this thread but here goes. I've been after a particular pair of motorcycle boots. Stylewise, they are everything I want. I found these in my size and cleaned them up. And before someone asks, yes, I ride motorcycles (two, both vintage). Alpinestars Malcolm Smith boots:
I just placed an order over the phone and was told the extra 15% (no MC for me) was good until midnight EST today.
^Oh snap, incredible! I think I might have splurged on the Rubinacci Gunclub and wool plaid but they're all ready gone! My guess is I'll be seeing them in the WAYWRN thread pretty soon.
^ Looks awesome. PTB and shell is the perfect combination. All the "waves" go east and west. No north and south seams to mess up the flow!
Never really spent anytime reading this thread but lots of good eats in here I just started using an old smoker my father had forgotten about in his backyard. I cleaned it up and this is my second attempt at Memphis style dry rub ribs. They came out pretty good. I ate them as is, no sauce and was pretty pleased w/ the outcome. I going to toy w/ the rub recipe and try again very soon. Blurry iPhone pics. Will use a proper camera next time.
I can't speak about the 403's specifically, but when I bought my 405s about 3 years ago they came stuffed in a smaller brown Trubalance box. They were dropped shipped directly from Alden and came in plastic bags but no felt bags. They're designed as orthopedic work boots. Work boots don't come with felt bags.
New Posts  All Forums: