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.. and the four weaves together, from left promoteo, grossa, piccolo, fina. Thanks for this. Problem now is I want the same color ties in different grenadine weaves. Decisions decisions.... Stitches and Kueller....thanks to you guys I'm definitely going 4 fold untipped, rolled edges. Your ties look great.
^Very nice!
Snap. I may be heading to Laguna Seca but if not I might have to check out one or more of these shows.
Based on Match.com profiles, bitches are also very active runners (the 5k kind), rock climbers, fancy cocktail drinkers, pet owners and love to wear dumb hats. You're right though, every bitch on there has a pic of them at Machu Picchu or some equally exotic destination.
^This. I've only tried Safari but same issue.
You know, it's like everything else in life. There are sub-subcultures. I find that get what you give. I also think group dynamics have something to do with it. I'd put money on it that if there were 3 or 4, it would be different. I've talked to guys who ride sport bikes and there appears to be a true disconnect between them and HD riders. But I know one guy with a HD Sportster and he LOVES vintage bikes, especially 2 strokes even though he doesn't currently own but...
Question. Who do you give the biker peace sign / head nod to? Took the bike out today and needed to stop for gas. Now, I give the downward peace sign or head nod to anyone on a bike regardless of brand or style of bike. I don't really care when it's not returned for whatever reason. I pull in to the gas station and there is about 15-20 HD riders. Mostly baggers with those giant front fairings. As I pull in, they all turn to look. I get my gas, kick start it and...
^WTF? That's crazy.
Looks like a pocket watch chain.
Might have to drop by for a drink since I can't make the SF meetup on Thurs.
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