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This should be good.
Deets on the PTBs, please? Cognac shell? What last, Detroit? I want to get rid of my 990s for a nicer PTB. First choice would be RL PTB but these might be a better alternative. Wish I knew about this.
Some sale things I couldn't resist. Sozzi knits and a bad a** scarf. Seriously, this thing is better than the pics suggest.
Seriously, I was thinking about a meetup this month, except I was going to suggest Taverna Aventine, which is a stones throw from Zoetrope. Maybe I shall arrive downtown betimes such that I can imbibe at both locals.
B14, 8cm, standard length. Chea!
'Bout to put some Air Mag's on layaway.
Gluing the lace together and then never touching them might work too but yeah, maybe contact where you got them and maybe they can sort something out. That sucks, though. I'm never even going to mess w/ mine.
^Oh damn. How hard did you pull? Did it just break w/out much effort? IMO, I don't think you're supposed to actually pull on those. I mean, it's not like you can actually tighten the shoe. I would trying mending the lace somehow....maybe just a couple of stitches. If you can source a matching lace, maybe a shoe repair place can relace them. Depending where you are, sending them to Carmina might be really costly.
GMTO #3. What is the color of the Chelsea on the left?
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