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They do look like faded #8. If these are really faded shell though (any color), look under the tassels. Every display pair I've seen has remained darker under the tassels. If the color is even throughout the vamp then I'm not sure what these are. Whatever the case, faded or not, they're lovely and I'd be very tempted if they were a 9.5! I shouldn't have instakopped the RL C&J tassels during the last 40% off sale. Won't make that mistake again.
Anyone else noticing that pics in B/S often don't ever load? I've tried to look at a few different items only to stare endlessly at the spinning wheel thing. Is this a forum problem or a problem with the sellers pics? Whatever, it's saving me money but I thought I'd ask.
Lookin' good Eustace! Supposed to rain here for the next few day but I'm tempted to try and smoke a pork shoulder and/or ribs. I don't have any cover either so the smoker would be directly in the rain. Bad idea?
I really want a couple of shantungs but they are all 7cm. If they were 8cm, I would have kopped, I think. Just wish the prices were a little better. $115 plus shipping to the US isn't that great of a sale for a tie I wish were slightly wider.
Damn, I might have to give them a call for an appointment.
Casual black tie with office pants, of course!
I'd probably steer clear of denim as the shade would be really close. While/khaki/stone would all be fine. Light or mid grey would work. The tassels you describe are familiar but I don't remember them as being SM. You could always have some made by AS Handgrade (Carroll). Also, Unionmade had some Alden navy tassels but they must be sold out. I really like the AS Carroll. They'd be awesome in navy suede w/ brown grain...
Yes, original paint for a 1978 RD400, at least in the US. It was the only color available in 1978 and the '78 was the only year they did the seat with the body molding at the rear. 76-77 was different. Looking at the chart you attached, it's the second column from the left, 3rd from top. I'm going to take my tins off, find a different set, get a Laguna seat, and do a yellow/black power bar paint job like a Kenny Roberts TZ. That's the plan anyway.
i think they'll make one narrower if you ask. i also prefer 3.25.
^ Got the sweater at Barney's as well, the same day as the squares. Crazy discount on it. It was orig. $445, then $290, then $175 if I remember correctly. That's when I kopped. Last one, too.
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