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There are numerous shops, not just Jcrew, in SoCal that should have a 405.Here's a list from the Alden website of dealers in California. All but 2 (San Francisco and Larkspur) are in Socal. Mind you, SoCal is a really large area so it would be best to find out exactly where your relative will be and go from there. Remember sizing on these run 1/2 large to your regular size so if you're a 9.5 you'd be safe to consider a...
Those look hella boss. Not gonna lie, it'd be cool to have a pair of shears like that even though I have absolutely no need for them. I'd end up using them to cut the back out of a chicken or something.
So, just to be clear, the top picture is w/ your foot in it? If so, to me, you might need to go to a wider width in that last. Almost all of my oxfords "v" a little, more like your 2nd picture. That's a pretty wide "V" in your top pic. AE offers different widths so I'd at least try a to see what a wider width would look like. Size up in width(E, EE, etc), not in length. If that doesn't help, it may be the wrong last for you. Sometimes things just don't work out. ...
@csmitty, I think you saw this:40% off is individualized. There is a current code though, BCSP15. 4/9-20. Spend $300 or more, get $100; Spend $500 or more, get $200. I'm guessing it's store credit but I don't know for sure.
Man, I forgot to bid on these and I was prepared to go about $250! My loss. If they don't work out, hit me up.
Ah, ok thanks. No D monks for me, though.
Is there anything planned in navy museum calf?
Anyone know where I can find a Guide Work Jacket in Blackwatch, sz. M?
I'm in toward 5PM as long as traffic on 80 doesn't suck too bad.
Yeah, I thought this was the same shoe. I guess just treat it like casual shoe. Sportcoats, odd trou., etc. I don't think I'd wear them with a suit, though. I'd like to hear some ideas on this too.
New Posts  All Forums: