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I'm in toward 5PM as long as traffic on 80 doesn't suck too bad.
Yeah, I thought this was the same shoe. I guess just treat it like casual shoe. Sportcoats, odd trou., etc. I don't think I'd wear them with a suit, though. I'd like to hear some ideas on this too.
^So nice! Those are on Forest, right? Is sizing TTS? Looks like a "normal" width last.
I found someone on another forum who had numerous pairs of 34 straights and he said all of his measure 8 or 8.25. He said he did wash his though. I realize not everyone will have the same experience but I backed the Okayama in a 34 Straight. I'll post measurements when they arrive.
Holy Shnikes, those are amazing.
^Thank you. I dug up last years F&F sale and saw that it was mid May. I think I can wait til then.
Does anyone know when the next sale is?
Can anyone w/ 34 straight fits tell me if the leg opening is really 9" as listed on their size chart? My hope is they're a bit smaller.
I came very close to copping the creamy waffle SC but I basically got distracted by the many books of fabric, shoes and of course meeting and getting reacquainted with the Styleforum brethren. Good time hanging out, fellas. And thanks PSG and KofC for putting it all together.
FWIW, I RSVPd earlier and now I have a +1 that will be attending very briefly.
New Posts  All Forums: