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Anyone have any tips for signing in to their corporate acct.? I can sign in to my regular acct. but if memory serves me right, you have to sign in to a separate corporate acct. I tried do that by using their "sign up for corporate membership" page but i got a message telling me my corp. number is already in use. Yeah, it's in use by me. I then called cust. service, told them my issue with signing in and was told that the accts., regular and corporate, are linked and...
^That black watch dinner jacket has been there for awhile. I almost bought it for novelty sake and/or boredom but I would never wear it. Cool piece, though.
No idea about SS or KW but HY's USA made pants are made by Hertling, i believe. I think they make some pants for Epaulet too. I've been looking at some Epaulet "Walts" myself but I don't have any experience w/ their trousers. Epaulet's customer service is great, though.I was also looking at some Fall pants for HY but I'm w/ you. Unless you have your size sorted, it's just a pain in the a** to deal with.
I regret NOT getting the 035. Wasn't in the budget when the drop was happening.
I don't know where to post this question but I figure someone here might have an answer. I'm looking at a 39 but the sleeves will be about an inch too long. Would the sleeve placket have to be moved to shorten the sleeve an inch?
^Can we RSVP with something other than FB? No FB for me. I can create a bogus FB acct., though just to RSVP for this.
Is there an MTO for the 973 in grain happening?
^GYW is in reference to It's a subreddit for goodyear welted shoes and they put together GMTOs from time to time. Those PTBs are awesome.
The whole 8 vs 9 thing has got me second guessing. Usually, I go w/ 8 because that's what I'm used to. I'm thinking of going w/ 9 for this tie to see how I like it. I went back and measured a few of my Panta's and the silk slubs measure almost 3.5". The cashmere is 3.25". I think both were described as 8cm when I bought them so material probably plays a part as far as true measurements. Maybe due to stretch? My guess is these ties, because they are silk, will be...
Hasn't posted yet. Brilopad will post the link, I'm sure.
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