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^ I don't know about sub $300 but I supposed if you can find a decent AR and then do all the woodwork yourself...maybe? Are you familiar w/ Vinyl Nirvana? Basically everything you'd need to know regarding AR decks. I've always wanted an AR and have come very close to buying on a few occasions. I'd really like a Linn Sondek as well. Someday I'll bite. http://www.vinylnirvana.com/ar-gallery/
Are those dot ties Drake's shantung? I wish the Barney's warehouse sale still came out to San Francisco. Any left? Might have to find a proxy.
Tahoe when I was 17 or so. Learned how to play Blackjack. Won $100, then lost $20. Kept $80 and bought a pair of black Nike Air Bound, the same shoe Chris Mullin was wearing with Golden State at the time. They're still with me, crumbling to dusk in the back of a closet. Wait, I have won a few hundred in March Madness pools over the years. Does that count?
^Yeah, pretty much. You'll never get a perfect pair. When buying my pair of #8 PTBs, the first pair had a big dark spot. I sent them back. The second pair had similar smaller blotches. I kept them. Both came directly shipped from Alden. It doesn't bug me anymore. With wear and exposure to sun, the color will start to vary anyway. I never got any "textural abnormality" though. Like little bumps or something? I know that if shell get wet, sometimes you'll get...
^That's crazy technical, lol. I'm going to read that though. I going to send it to my friend who is a radio engineer and audio geek. Before I picked up the pair of MK3s I had an opportunity to borrow his ST-70 while he was rearranging his listening room. Wow. Honestly, I preferred his ST-70. He's an East Coast guy (AR, KLH) while I THINK I'm a West Coast guy. I say think because I have some KLH 17s and some Advents that I need to swap into this current setup. For...
Thanks! As far as favorite records, I almost always end up listening either Jazz and 70's rock. Right now I have Steely Dan's "Aja" on and I'm always surprised how right it sounds. Something about tubes, old JBL speakers and that particular music that sounds right. That said, I have Beck's "Sea Change" on deck and it sounds fantastic as well.
How timely is this thread? I'm listening to this as I type: Steely Dan's "Gaucho" on a Music Hall 2.2LE, amps are two Dynakit MK3s, (only one pictured), Preamp is an old Sonographe SC1, Speakers are my old tried and true JBL 4310 monitors. You can't really see in the pic but below the TT is a Marantz 2285B which sadly get's no play these days as I only listen to vinyl on this and prefer tubes most of the time. I plan to start using the Marantz as a tuner but need...
I almost bought this suit too and now it's back up to $1098. If I'm remembering correctly, it was like 40% off in the clearance section, right? Right now they're 2 for $1600. I wonder if this stacks w/ the corporate 15%? Might have to ask my SA.
FWIW, I just called AE to see if they could make these up in my size and was told they were not customizing the Kenwood at this time. If these were .5 size larger, I'd pick these up. I have these in "gentry leather", basically corrected grain. IMO, the Kenwood is the perfect American beefroll loafer. In shell, for this price is outstanding. Someone buy these!
I wonder the same thing but have come to the conclusion (after seeing beautifully tied knots in WAYWRN, some the same maker and width of ties that I own) that my FIH technique sucks. Where to start the knot, how close to the neck am I when I first cross over, how much longer the wide side is compared to the short when I start it....all kinds of variables. Not that I'm trying to achieve a perfect knot, either. I like a "natural" looking knot. A FIH is a simple knot but...
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