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Pics? Sounds good.
Who did you do the MTO through? Killer make up. I would love to see this boot in dark brown grain.*Edit*This went through Epaulet. I wonder if Carmina would do this makeup again?
I don't think that's their Jumper. Is there a different model now? The Jumper I know has a heel counter and looks taller. This also have a trippy horizonal stitch. Plus the seems are different from any Carmina boot I've seen. Really cool boot!
+1. Would love to see a forest green donegal.
So Bloomies is all Balthazar (what I thought was "Altura") now? I prefer other cuts. The houndstooth SC felt really nice. I thought it had some cashmere in it but it didn't. The cut felt shorter and I think the lapels are cut slimmer which is not what I am looking for.
I went to Bloomingdales SF today and tried on this houndstooth SC: http://www1.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/eidos-houndstooth-regular-fit-sport-coat?ID=1450923&CategoryID=3864#fn=spp%3D18%26ppp%3D180%26sp%3D1%26rid%3D%26spc%3D25%26cm_kws%3Deidos %26pn%3D1 I think they're only carrying a new cut call "Atura". I've dropped a few lbs. recently so I my impressions of the fit may be not be right because i sized down one size but I think it's a little trimmer and maybe a...
I was there about 1ish on Friday. Lots of very nice things. Eidos Hunting jacket and the green Formosa hopsack were my favs.
Not CanadaCal but this is from the email I received:I seriously wouldn't know where to start.
I've spent a tidy sum w/ BB in the past and I've never gotten a 40% off code.
I wouldn't say it's "expected". I have a lot of suede shoes at all cost points and different makers including Carmina and none of them have a noticeable different texture.I do have a pair of Alden calf boots that one boot has more wrinkling than the other and a pair of C&J cordovan loafers where one shoe is a little lighter than the other.Have you worn them yet? I know it's a hassle but maybe you can exchange them?
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