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I don't know anything about these but I probably wouldn't wear them in the rain.
^What if the other way around? What if the 20 something is interviewing you? Then what? I ask because I may have an interview w/ a gaming company. A suit would probably remind him of his grandfather. Do you still wear a suit with black shoes? I had no idea that burgundy shoes, say a burgundy or #8 captoe, would be inappropriate for an interview. I've never worked in finance or law though. Also, I'm in the Bay Area and even in downtown SF you're more apt to see...
I vote McAllister if you go w/ the charcoal suit. Always felt that burgundy/#8 looks great w/ charcoal. Good luck. IMO, don't wear brown shoes to a finance gig. Black or burgundy / #8.
Moo, those wingtips are crazy nice. You guys have some really nice EGs. Here is my only pair. Kind of a strange choice for a first EG but you have to start somewhere, right? They're basically a slipper w/ a real sole. I was planning to sell them but I've decided to start wearing them this Spring. Bamford, 101 last, coffee suede.
^Thanks, GF. Yeah, I'm really hoping the city or Caltrans will kick me down something but I can't pin my hopes on that. Like they say, s*** happens. I really hope no one hits it and wrecks. A cop drove by while I was changing the tire and I was going to tell him/her about what happened but they drove past me! Lol.
Just got home from hitting the mother of all potholes and literally shattering my left front rim, causing a flat. My rim is flat on one side and is cracked all the way through. It hit so hard I briefly lost control of the steering wheel. Had to pull of the highway, in Richmond, CA (locals know that's an unfortunate place for a flat at night) and put on a spare in the dark. Now I have to put all four stock rims on until I can either find 1 matching rim (really old set)...
^ I don't know about sub $300 but I supposed if you can find a decent AR and then do all the woodwork yourself...maybe? Are you familiar w/ Vinyl Nirvana? Basically everything you'd need to know regarding AR decks. I've always wanted an AR and have come very close to buying on a few occasions. I'd really like a Linn Sondek as well. Someday I'll bite. http://www.vinylnirvana.com/ar-gallery/
Are those dot ties Drake's shantung? I wish the Barney's warehouse sale still came out to San Francisco. Any left? Might have to find a proxy.
Tahoe when I was 17 or so. Learned how to play Blackjack. Won $100, then lost $20. Kept $80 and bought a pair of black Nike Air Bound, the same shoe Chris Mullin was wearing with Golden State at the time. They're still with me, crumbling to dusk in the back of a closet. Wait, I have won a few hundred in March Madness pools over the years. Does that count?
^Yeah, pretty much. You'll never get a perfect pair. When buying my pair of #8 PTBs, the first pair had a big dark spot. I sent them back. The second pair had similar smaller blotches. I kept them. Both came directly shipped from Alden. It doesn't bug me anymore. With wear and exposure to sun, the color will start to vary anyway. I never got any "textural abnormality" though. Like little bumps or something? I know that if shell get wet, sometimes you'll get...
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