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This would be good.
If I was in NYC, I would go. I'd see if Carmina would do their WW2 boot. Plus, all the vendors are doing various perks.
Thanks. Really curious why this info isn't on their site. Even if they don't have a b&m store, which must be the case, obviously people are going to need to know where to send to.
RE: Sublime Goods. Where is this place located? Can't find a physical address anywhere on their site. Got to mail the shoes somewhere!
Anyone know if there is a sale in the next 2 weeks?
I found this thread that basically explains why it happens: http://www.styleforum.net/t/151698/divot-terror @sandspider, you said you didn't notice the divots in the store but I'll ask this anyway....did you try on any other Eidos jackets of the same cut and if so, do you recall how they fit? I ask because I'm trying to sort out whether this Eidos cut is just not right for your shoulder or is the problem is specific to this particular jacket. Funny thing is I'm looking...
Stopped by Saks SF and no Eidos there. Not sure if that means they're not carrying in-store or they haven't got it yet.
What is causing the divots here? The jacket looks like it fits pretty well, I mean, other than the divots.
The WW2 boot? Is it doable? To be honest, I prefer brown grain. Price is also a factor.
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