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Here's a breakdown of Tipo, Tenero, Primo and Lorenzo. NMWA has a revised cut this year, I believe and someone with more knowledge than me can chime in on the differences.
Saw these on SM too but no 9.5. I was searching for a Plaza lasted boot and these fit the bill. They also have a Plaza last Indy that look good too. If they did a Plaza last cap toe in dark brown grain I'd be all over that.
I have this set. I got it to punch a hole in a belt but the set is great for anything. Each punch is surprisingly heavy. Well made and inexpensive. Of course, you'll need a hammer, a work table and a wood block underneath whatever you're punching a hole in.
When I @(someone), it doesn't automatically highlight. Isn't it supposed to turn blue so that they are notified that they got @'d?
This closed sometime in mid Sept.
Formosa & Franks Frank Leder Formosa Formosa Frank Clegg
This would be good.
If I was in NYC, I would go. I'd see if Carmina would do their WW2 boot. Plus, all the vendors are doing various perks.
Thanks. Really curious why this info isn't on their site. Even if they don't have a b&m store, which must be the case, obviously people are going to need to know where to send to.
RE: Sublime Goods. Where is this place located? Can't find a physical address anywhere on their site. Got to mail the shoes somewhere!
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