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"All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it." H. L. Mencken
I sent mine back and it was received there on the 7th and I got it back today, so exactly 2 weeks. They told me it would be as long as up to a month but I think they say that to lower expectations. Really glad I went with brown and the 256 vs. the 257. I have a larger bag so I didn't need extra room. Now that I have it I can say the leather grip is a must.
Damn. I haven't been to Revival and this would have been a perfect opportunity. Unfortunately, I'll be in SF this evening. FWIW, there is a restaurant/bar a half block from Revival called Comal that would be a good spot for a future Eastbay SF meetup. Have fun guys.
I'm going to try to make it to Tosca. Haven't been there since I used to work in that 'hood.
Damn this thread. I finally fell victim to it. Called RL asked for a code and got it. Cordo Lindrick order placed. Never thought I would think of my Alden Ravello WT boots as 2nd in the boot rotation.
Has anyone tried on or purchased the quilted blazer? Local BB doesn't carry it and I need sizing advice.
.. and the four weaves together, from left promoteo, grossa, piccolo, fina. Thanks for this. Problem now is I want the same color ties in different grenadine weaves. Decisions decisions.... Stitches and Kueller....thanks to you guys I'm definitely going 4 fold untipped, rolled edges. Your ties look great.
^Very nice!
Snap. I may be heading to Laguna Seca but if not I might have to check out one or more of these shows.
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