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That's a hell of a gym bag and those handles are crazy. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that. Really nice.
These came in the mail today. Not my first choice for a cap toe but I'm really happy with them.
Top two pics are soporific. Last two pics give new meaning to the phrase "tie boner". Such a beautiful tie!
Nice ties!
Last week I was on a train and truly forgot which train I was on. I realized this as I approached a transfer station and needed to know what train I was on so I could either transfer or stay on. I turned to the woman sitting next to me and asked, "sorry, do you know what train this is?" and she gave me a sideways smirk and said, "you really don't know what train you're on?", like it was some bad pickup line or I was trying to start a conversation. I replied yeah and...
I went in to pick up 1 suit and ended up w/ 2 suits, a Stetson and a bow I've been looking at for a long time.
^I think downtown SF closes at 6 too and so does RL which I never understood. In regard to stacking the "2 for" suit deal w/ corporate 30% off, my SA said no go and reading the fine print from the mailer, it's says that it can't be used in conjunction w/ any other promotion. So what now? Do I sneak around the store and see if a different SA will stack them? Lol. I feel like I'd be cheating on my SA. Whatever, I'm not really in the market for 2 suits but I would...
So you are saying that they'll let you stack the -30% w/ the two for $1,600 deal? I didn't think they'd let you stack but now I'm going to ask my SA tomorrow. I don't need another credit card but I would take advantage of the 30% off of $1,600 for two suits.
I wouldn't have done that to that particular pair of tassels but the idea of moding the tassel is interesting. There is an AS Handgrade tassel I like that is suede w/ a grain tassel.
I guess reading SF every day for years doesn't help me look past some things. The gaming company, I'm sure, is VERY casual. That said, I've always been told to wear a suit to an interview...always. I know someone who works there so I plan to do a "fly by" to check things out. I'd feel a little strange not in a suit but times change so I have to keep an open mind. Sorry OP, didn't mean to thread jack. General consensus is to wear black.
New Posts  All Forums: