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I doubt very much I'll be able to make it for dinner. I'm a maybe for the trunk show. A lot going on tomorrow. Plus, I'd have to drive from the East Bay and 80 is never a nice a drive and there's a Giants game at 6P. Traffic nightmare.
Barrie runs big like Trubalance. You should do pretty good in a 8D in Barrie. At least that's the way it works for me. Same size for both Barrie and Trubalance.
Went back to Skoak to possibly kop the burgundy museum Adelaide's and lo and behold they're gone in every size except 11. Damn.
^Oh snap. Well, I thought that would look busy but yeah, throw a heel counter on those Carmina Adelaide's and we're good!
@Jazzmenco. Yeah, that's what I meant by "heel counter" but I'm not sure that's the right terminology. Maybe heel cap? Anyway, I prefer a "heel counter" on an Adelaide. In this case it's complex because Carmina extends the brogue line all the way around the top of the ankle/heel. What I would like to see is a captoe Adelaide with a "u-throat" and "heel counter", no brogue line all the way around. I didn't mean that I wanted this particular Adelaide (extended brogue...
Does Carmina do an Adelaide with a heel counter? These are nice and I'm tempted but I would instakop them if they had a heel counter like on the brown cap or wingtip.
I saw those too. I really like the way they look. If I hadn't made spent so much recently, I think I would buy these.
I haven't tried to park around there in a couple years and then it wasn't impossible. It's not as bad as other parts of the city, IMO. You probably won't find anything on Hayes St. or south (towards Market) but if you start looking north of there things open up. There are a few garages closer to Franklin.
There are numerous shops, not just Jcrew, in SoCal that should have a 405.Here's a list from the Alden website of dealers in California. All but 2 (San Francisco and Larkspur) are in Socal. Mind you, SoCal is a really large area so it would be best to find out exactly where your relative will be and go from there. Remember sizing on these run 1/2 large to your regular size so if you're a 9.5 you'd be safe to consider a...
Those look hella boss. Not gonna lie, it'd be cool to have a pair of shears like that even though I have absolutely no need for them. I'd end up using them to cut the back out of a chicken or something.
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