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I've been going to HoS for a few years now. It's newly cleaned up and the staff/atmosphere has taken it up a notch. The "new" clientele is more cleaned up as well. It can be very crowded after 5pm as it's a pretty small space, especially Fridays. I was shocked at how crowded it is now. A few years ago it was staffed by Mission hipster types with loud indie rock and metal playing. Patrons were basically the same. Everyone was really nice and laid back. It's different...
Quote: Originally Posted by JakeLA Is this an accurate representation of how Epaulet trousers fit? I'm looking for some slim (not skinny) trousers with a higher rise and so I was all ready to order, but then I saw the photos of Mr. Asscheeks here. LOL. Man, I've been considering those same pants (Walt fit, I think) and have also been concerned with that pic! I think I may have to bite the bullet and buy a pair, sized up, of course.
I just got a RL pair at Bloomingdales for $20. The only thing was I spent twice that in alterations (tapered leg, take in the seat, cuff). Still for $58 total, I should have a nice pair of red cords.
^ Damn, were you watching these? Yeah, I was surprised to be the only bidder. I kept thinking other SFers were up going to outbid me! The fit has the right amount of snuggness that feels right only for a loafer. Loafers are hard to fit. I made the mistake of buying some other suede loafers (labeled Canali but no idea who the maker is) that felt right out of the box but within a couple of wears, the heel slippage got worse and worse. With a few wears, my guess is...
^Thanks! Not exactly a bargain but I really wanted a tassel loafer and was about to pull the trigger on the Alden 666. These were cheaper than the Alden and the RL (C&J, I'm guessing) fit/last is perfect.
Got these off eBay and not sure what I bought. I though I was getting the Redway but the code doesn't seem to match any of the pictures of the Redway that I have seen. Either way, they fit me perfectly and I'm very happy with the purchase. Anybody know what I have? Code inside shoe: ALM59762 Other code (not pictured): 1090342/31274
Quote: Originally Posted by bkrex I own 8 pairs of Aldens--6 of them shell, and have never had a stitch or other problem. It happens, of course, but the 999 out of 1000 happy customers won't bother to post here. As for "clunky" style, or whatever anyone wants to call it, to each his own. For me, nothing feels or looks better than an Alden shell cordovan longwing. I've never had a problem either and remain cautiously optimistic that none will...
I buy Alden because they look American, at least the ones I like (PTB, LW, Saddle, Penny Loafer). Those to me look like traditional American shoes. EG, C&J, AS, G&G, etc. are some of the best made shoes in the world. No argument on that point but they don't look American. That said, if I spent $600 on some Alden shell LWs and they look like NYRs after one wear, I'd be more than a little pissed. I'd want a brand new pair. No excuse for that happening. This thread...
Went to SE SF today to do an exchange and without going into detail, SE did me a huge solid! Good lookin' out, Kiya and Co.! Thanks again. Also ran into an old friend (hot female) who wants to hang out and then I stopped at El Farrolito for a burrito so I hope my jeans are going to fit.
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