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Quote: Originally Posted by ahe Duly noted, I will certainly keep that in mind, I only paid 25 bucks so I don't feel too bad but I will have to pick up a couple of pairs of Allen Edmonds They'll cost more than what you paid to fix them. Buy new shoes.
Sun's out now! Might have to drop by for a quick drink.
Cross the bridge into Berkeley. Kermit Lynch, ftw.
$195 for brown AE Leeds. Thanks VSLI!
For me it's the trad burgundy high vamp beefroll. I have worn Weejuns since highschool and just recently got a pair of AE Kenwood. They look great with jeans, khakis, shorts...whatever. Corrected grain is fine in wet weather so basically they are my "beater" loafers. That said, my RL Redway tassels are my current favorite, but they are less versatile and too damn pretty to not take care of.
^Was just going to post that. I didn't feel the quake and that's the way i like it.
^Seiko SNX429K. I got it from Chronograph.com. Super fast shipping. $93 shipped! It came with a black nato strap but I now have 5 or so others. The thing that sold me was the navy face with red 24hr numbers.
Here's my low budget collection. Since they are automatic, the time/date/day isn't correct on a few of them due to not wearing regularly. I wear the two militaries but the diver gets out less. First up, all Seikos. The blue face and dive watch I bought new. The custom face watch (middle, copy of a Sinn 656) I bought used. Previous owned had the work done. The two militaries have see through backs. All three are automatic. I have numerous nato style bands which I...
Lucky for my wallet these aren't a 9. What's with the House of Commons label?
I just got a voicemail that was sent to me at 10:43AM. WTF AT&T? Really? Almost 12hrs late? Where has it been?
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