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Nice ties and such but did anyone else notice the vintage Marantz 4400 receiver? 4 channel with a built in oscilloscope.
^Cool. The search for a 9.5 continues...
^ I've been searching ebay for some old Florsheims for awhile. Most of the time I search for "Florsheim Imperial" and then by size. The only problem is I'm not sure what size I should be searching for! I wear a sz. 9 Barrie and the only pair of AEs I have are the Fairfax also in a US9. What size Florsheim should I be looking for? In regard to the the wing being low on the vamp on these AEs, it looks kind of low on Leathersoul's "American Longwing" as well but it...
How did I miss this thread? I've missed that #2 square twice now. Once on eBay and now here. WTF!
Good lookin' out Vox. I was just looking at some scans on The Trad thinking, "damn it'd be nice to have a real copy". Thanks!
^ Too bad the walnut grain isn't available otherwise I'd be on that.
Do you just call and ask what subs they have in your size? I've sent them a few emails and I never hear back. I guess I have to make a call.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay Gatsby True indeed. Now I need to find a soundtrack of 70s pimp music... the stuff with the violins and "weaow chicka weaow" and whatnot. And some fly ass bitches would hurt, ya dig?
For you frequent head shavers, what balm/moisturizer are you using? I use a clipper every day and I've noticed my scalp getting a little dry but I don't know what to use.
^ Bad ass jacket and boots and perfect match for your bikes (what happened to that thread?). Anyway, when on my ancient Honda (some guy called my bike ancient the other day. LOL) I just wear a typical no collar black leather jacket (no armor), jeans, Red Wings and an Arai full face helmet. Got too much money invested in my teeth to be rocking an open face. Plus whenever I have my shield up, I get hit by bugs and other detritus. Don't know how dudes do it.
New Posts  All Forums: