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Quote: Nothing at Sherman for cigaristas. There is a chukka but in limited sizes http://www.shermanbrothers.com/produ...roductId=15322 And the LHS, also in limited sizes. http://www.shermanbrothers.com/produ...roductId=14804
Just a heads up. 15% off Alden (or any other brand. they sell AE, Redwing, etc.) at Sherman Bros. Code: Turkey. If I didn't just shoot my entire holiday budget on some boots, I would have used this code to get some #8 longwings and maybe some shoe accessories. They have both the 405 and the 403 Indy, Chukkas is various colors, #8 PTBs, etc.
^ I agree. I wear a 42 coat and my A7 is a 40. That said, it's a little boxy but I don't think I could have gotten in a 38. Funny thing is I bought it to ride but I just got a properly armored motorcycle jacket so i haven't even worn the Barbour. Safety trumps style in this case. Waxed cotton in a fall wouldn't be much good. Thing is, I feel strange about wearing it while not riding but it's a nice coat so I have to give it a shot.
Blue Sheild of CA. I knew dealing with health insurance is a bitch but now I really understand. I applied and was APPROVED for individual healthcare. I went to see a Dr. regarding some very painful leg spasms and received a prescription for a muscle relaxant should the pain keep me from sleeping which had occured in the past. I just got a letter from BS that now my eligibility is now under review due to getting that prescription. WTF? So I'm supposed to keep paying my...
Every so often Sherman Brothers will have a code you can use on Alden. Usually 10%. I woundn't be surprised if one came up soon. They are GREAT to deal with. Got Indy's and PTBs from them and haven't paid retail yet. No tax (I'm in CA) and free shipping.
Quote: Originally Posted by monologuist Thanks! Those pics along with the ones just posted above pretty much convince me that I prefer the storm-welt on Barrie last Shell Wingtip Boots. Maybe, it makes them less versatile, but for some reason I just prefer the look over the "dress boot" style ones that are flat welt, at least with more refined leathers like shell. With the CXL and Suede Wingtip boots, the flat welt look fine to me. Amazing how a tiny...
I bought a pair in Chesnut and shortly thereafter decided they are not my cup of tea. Actually, not a fan of wholecuts in general and the last does not fit my foot well. I'm thinking if posting them in BS.
Damn, what did these look like? Diamond, butterfly? I wish the pics were still up. I need a tweed bow in a month. Hopefully they'l be back by then.
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin I'll play. Some of the toys that have passed through the shed in the last few years: Current toy: 2 strokes! My brother just got an RZ350 except it's yellow/black with the Spec II fairing and Toomeys so now I'm jealous of both him and you. The next clean one I find for sale is going to be mine. He also just restored a Geneva Green RD400. The Kawi is crazy nice! Scary quick bikes....
Damn man. I finally got a code but there are no 9.5 Darltons online.
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