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Good question. I have a really old one that was given to me as a bday present and I don't know how to use the damn thing either! I just keep all my stuff in it. I was under the impression that you put the shoe on and someone else would do the shine.
I've been using topys for years and yeah, if you stub your toe on a step or something it may break the glue bond. Answer...glue it back down and your done. Contact cement, crazy glue, whatever. I've actually worn right through a pair and have had them redone. All my soles are the same thickness as they were when new. I'll never resole leather soles again.
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Great looking bikes, sounds like a good day out.. As for me? Still waiting for my ass to get some feeling back after 3 hours on my '48 Damn, a '48? A '48 what? Harley? Indian? Triumph, Vincent or Velocette? Sounds too cool. I'm especially fond of single seats, springer front ends, hand shifters.....etc. I love old bikes. If only I had endless money and a warehouse.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Nice 120 mile ride today... spun and tipped over while turning and parking on gravel but managed to save it an inch away form the ground Good save! Went on a 90 miler with my brother and some friends. Rode to my brothers and from there rode across and around Napa valley. For you Bay Area heads, we took highway 37 toward Napa, then 121 to 116. First stop was Carneros deli for a samich and to rest our...
Why can't the gingham shirts come in Slim fit? They're only reg or xtra-slim on the site. The model seems to wear it well but it's probably pinned for the pic.
I've never met a person who was really political, regardless of their place in the spectrum, that I liked to hang out with. Now that I think about it, most of my close friends are either artisans, engineers/mechanics...basically people who actually make things. I guess that makes sense.
Does anyone know the url for Want Organic's website? The words Want and Organic don't help in a Google search.
What US size would the Vass F last 41 be comparable to? Those whiskey adelaides are so beautiful! What's the retail on those?
My dad has a very large back yard and keeps "free range" hens so free fresh brown eggs all day. The problem is finding them. Some hens have nesting areas some just lay eggs where ever they want. My favorite way to have an egg is semi soft boiled. Crack the top, hit with a little bit of seasalt and I'm good. Some of you guys eat a gang of eggs! Lol. I think I'd get tired of them.
^ Congrats! Plenty of Summer left to ride. As far as a first bike, not knowing your preferences, can't really make a first bike recommendation. Just get something in the mid CC range that you feel comfortable on. Ride safe!
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