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I picked up a pair of Iron Rangers because I wanted a boot to wear while riding my motorcycle and didn't want to tear up my 405s. I got the Oro Russet (8112) colorway. Overall they fit nice but I'm having trouble with two things. First, the leather is STIFF! I mean really stiff. The heel counter is so stiff that they are tearing my heels up just below the joint. I'm currently bandaged up from trying to break them in. Hopefull this changes soon as I don't want to buy...
I wear a 9 in Alden Indy's. Do i get the same size in the 1000 Mile?
Damn. Just got in from an evening of drinking and this thread just keeps getting better. It's the perfect way to laugh my way to sleep. This thread is on some never stop status.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 A little taste of something to come in a couple months. This is a quarter of the square. I'll have it in five different colors. 100% linen. Hand made in Italy. I need this square with a quickness. I missed out on the paisley squares so hopefully a restock of those too? If anyone has the blue or rust paisley and wants to sell, get a me.
Yes, in SF there are several shoe repair places that can do a decent job of applying a Topy or heel taps, but I too cannont find a true "cobbler". I want metal tips on a pair of tan suede EGs and can't find a place I feel comfortable leaving them at.
I'm sure it's been said already but you can spend as little or as much as you want. If I had the money, the MC275 or two of them as monoblocks would be on my wish list. There are endless options! I went for the cheap and I'm not sorry yet. As it stands now, I have two Dynakit MKIII monoblocks, using KT88s. They were used and I spent $600 for the pair. Pretty cheap. They put out roughly 60wpc which is more than enough if you have efficient speakers. In my case,...
Point or square bottom?
I used to walk past that place all the time on my way to Tricolore for lunch. If the door was cracked, I tried to sneak a peek. Never been and judging from the cars parked in Hotaling alley, I say membership is a pretty penny. I miss that neighborhood as now I'm in SOMA near 5th St. w/ metal hospital escapees, thugs smoking weed all day and tourists.
Not sure if it's been mentioned but i saw these at Norstrom at lunch. The color was the same as on the site. "Taupe Distressed". In person, they look like a waxed tan. $59.90. http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3053834/...bo=2379993&P=1
Quote: Originally Posted by nate10184 ...too many to mention +1. The only thing I can do is to not look back. Remeber the lesson but move on.
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