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Looking for opinions on this wallet as I'm considering returning it. Brooks Bros. shell wallet (not the Japanese "oil shell" one). I found this one on their site but the catalog pic was exterior only and not much of a description but I ordered it anyway. The shell is more like the shell I'm used to seeing as opposed to the shiny shell used in the the made in Japan version. The made is Japan version is nicely made, more refined IMO but looks a little shiny and not like...
Tempted but I can't afford anymore gifts for myself! Thanks for posting this, though. I have a feeling JCrew is going see an uptick in Alden purchases.
That Adana place is on Filmore in San Francisco. I used to walk past that place and decided to duck in one day. I must admit at the time, I really didn't get it. I had a reef tank at the time so my vision of a aquarium was always live coral, a clam and anything else that had glow qualities. I made the mistake of getting a sea slug. It got sucked into one of the current pumps and because of it's poisonous properties, it killed off my entire tank. I've been thinking of...
One time. Was one of the most interesting experiences I've ever had. I ended up locked up with a meth head, a mexican gang member, a gay guy who got into a fight with a cab driver and wouldnt get out of the cab, and a black guy who ended up being somewhat of a jailhouse lawyer for the noobs. All of them were really cool except the gangmember who didn't say a word to any of us. The rest of us did the standard "what did you do to end up here" thing. Convo was epic. It...
^Damn, I want that.
That goddamn Vampire Weekend song "Holiday" that's being used in both Honda and Hilfiger commercials right now. It's enough already!
I literally just tried on some ESF shirts today and was surprised by this. I tried on a 16.5 gingham shirt and the body fit nice but the neck was huge! So size down, right? Tried on a 16 and the collar fit but the shoulders were too narrow for me. The strange thing though is I have the slim fit supima ocbd in a 16.5 and the collar fits nice, a little loose but not terribly so. I think they'll slim down if I dry them in the dryer.
I thought this had something to do with being baked at all times and listening to early Del...which I don't find shallow of pointless...well maybe the part about being baked at all times part...naw, that's ok too.
Well, right now because it's cold: RL shawl collar cardigan Some sort of OCBD (blue or some sort of colored stripe, almost never white) APC NS Alden 405 (but sometimes longwings)
Posted this in the official Alden thread in SW&D but thought I'd post here too. 15% off entire Sherman Brothers site. Code: Turkey
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