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A couple of experience with this: Many moons ago a guy who commuted on the same train as I did hit my up about some Amway opportunity. Basically he said I could make enough money to stop commuting everyday. I pointed out that we ride the same train together everyday but that didn't deter his pitch. Finally I accepted some sales material to shut him up. Over the next couple of days, dude was on me to go to meetings, etc. I handed him back the unread brochures the next...
Payment sent for 3c White MOP buttons: 3 x 32L 10 x 24L Thanks
I don't think anything in the 335 last has been posted so here you go. C&J Suffolk for Barney's. White nubuck with red brick sole.
^I haven't been to the Tunnel Top in years! Otis is a nice little spot too that's pretty close. Unfortunately I don't think I can make it to this one but if circumstances change, I'll make an effort to stop by.
Kenwood is my favorite beefroll loafer. Never seen them in shell and the color on these are awesome. If the top pair was a 9.5 or even a 10, I'd take them.
Quote: Originally Posted by ahe Duly noted, I will certainly keep that in mind, I only paid 25 bucks so I don't feel too bad but I will have to pick up a couple of pairs of Allen Edmonds They'll cost more than what you paid to fix them. Buy new shoes.
Sun's out now! Might have to drop by for a quick drink.
Cross the bridge into Berkeley. Kermit Lynch, ftw.
$195 for brown AE Leeds. Thanks VSLI!
For me it's the trad burgundy high vamp beefroll. I have worn Weejuns since highschool and just recently got a pair of AE Kenwood. They look great with jeans, khakis, shorts...whatever. Corrected grain is fine in wet weather so basically they are my "beater" loafers. That said, my RL Redway tassels are my current favorite, but they are less versatile and too damn pretty to not take care of.
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