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My dad has a very large back yard and keeps "free range" hens so free fresh brown eggs all day. The problem is finding them. Some hens have nesting areas some just lay eggs where ever they want. My favorite way to have an egg is semi soft boiled. Crack the top, hit with a little bit of seasalt and I'm good. Some of you guys eat a gang of eggs! Lol. I think I'd get tired of them.
^ Congrats! Plenty of Summer left to ride. As far as a first bike, not knowing your preferences, can't really make a first bike recommendation. Just get something in the mid CC range that you feel comfortable on. Ride safe!
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Do you wear heavy flannel in summer? In San Francisco, all the time! July tends to be FREEZING! Right now fog thick as Beyonce's thighs is coming in through the Gate. Forget flannel, get a parka. Seriously though, leave the madras for spring/summer.
I was ok, I guess. I never really new my my maternal grandfather as he passed away when I was very young and to be honest, I don't really have any memories of him. My maternal grandmother also passed when I was very young but I have a few memories of her. I knew both my paternal grandparents and was always around. The only problem was they didn't speak any english and since that's the only language I know, we really didn't communicate very well. Now I feel like I...
I can't stop watching the girl on Jcrew's site pull her hair.
^How would "peeing in a street" be classified as an offense? Would it be "public urination" or "exhibition of genitalia"? Lol. There are two pervs near me. One of which is described as lewd behavior with a minor and the other for possesion of sexual material of a minor or something like that.
Qtips. I ran out today and they were sorely missed. Got a big 'ol box now.
Oh yeah, Without Bias really hit home. I remember when that happened and thinking what a fucking waste. It was the 80's and crack was everywhere and Len's demise scared me from ever playing with that poison.
I've watched a few of them and they were all pretty good but The U is def a standout. I ended up watching 2LiveCrew videos on Youtube for awhile after that. LOL.
New Posts  All Forums: