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PM and payment sent for two ties. Nice stuff. Hard to limit myself to just two!
Yeah, for that price the Lowdnes is a better buy but the 348 is such a long and narrow last for me. If the Mora was priced like a standard AE shoe ($300-350), I would consider it. For $450, I'm not taking a second look.
Why does does hitting the back button after viewing something on say, page 3, return me to page 1? That makes me stop looking at BS rather quickly.
Well, I guess that worked correctly!The post I was having trouble with is in the Soporific Tie thread in MC. Oh well, maybe it was operator error!
Mac OS X 10.4.11 Firefox 3.6.19 I'll try to do it again by editing this post. *I'm editing this post*
I tried to edit a post and instead of editing the original post, it created a new duplicate with the changes. Am I doing something wrong?
^ I don't know but they should. Anyway, soporific pink tie alert. Can pink linen be soporific? Anyway, just scooped this Drakes joint up at Barney's San Francisco. No more pink linen but they had a kind of pale green linen as of two days ago. Also saw a safety orange grenadine that was way too bright, IMO. I went in looking for the striped shantung ties but didn't see any. The linen ties were $69. Not sure what the grenadines were.
I like how it looks like you have a very disturbed little man peeking out of your pocket!
Missed this one but SF in SF meetups happen pretty frequently and I'm due. Good luck in Seattle YS. It was a pleasure meeting you at past events. I am curious as to what everyone was wearing in the lower Haight while eating BBQ and drinking at the Toronado. Sounds like it could have been a WAYWRN MC Casual challenge IRL.
Damn, Spoo, this thread got me looking for the shirt in a 16. Thank God I can't find it. I was thinking silver or grey knit tie, navy jacket, white pants and suede loafers.
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