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Anyone know where to find the burgundy boat with white boat soles?
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - WTF is is carrying? If I'm not mistaken, that's a shillelagh, an Irish walking stick. Looks like it could be used to crack someone dome though.
I've been wearing the hickory chore coat for about a month now. They were out of Large for a long time but they should have all sizes in stock now. I have a Large. I been wearing it over heavy flannel and it fits loose. The body is very boxy. I'm thinking of ordering a medium to see if it fits better since they're so inexpensive. I hang dry it and no shrinkage to speak of. I think I need the other colors as well. I like it and have been complemented numerous...
Those Aldens look good. it's like the 405 and the RedWing 9010 had childrens. Damn.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 I just placed an order for the Indy boots at ShermanBrothers.com and got 10% off with the code: Stimulus. No tax and free shipping on orders $50 or more. Sounded like a good deal $288 shipped. ^ Thanks for the code! Ordered some 405s too. $288 out the door. I called them and was told they're on backorder but I'm in no rush to get them so it's all good. I almost bought them at Alden San Francisco but...
Just go to your neighborhood army surplus. The one near me has leather map case that are pretty much identical in overall shape but probably a little rougher than the billykirk model. I think they were around $10-15. I think they were German or Swiss origin. Hard brown leather with a thin leather strap.
^ Those look great. For real, I hope mine look half as nice. I can only wear jeans on Friday and weekends so it's going to be awhile.
Quote: Btw: For your entertainment, here is another example of how bad my brother is... My wife and I went to get dinner with him a while ago (pre-GF): My wife ordered bruschetta. She pronounced it "broo shetta". My brother, at the table, starts laughing and says increduosly, "'Broo shetta,'? Um..only uneducated people say 'Broo shetta'..It's pronounced 'Broo sketa." Needless to say, my wife lost her appetite and wanted to go...
Grado SR80 for under $100. Musicdirect.com currently has the Grado SR80 for $75. I'm about to order some 125's for home use. I don't know how long the sale will go for. http://www.musicdirect.com/product/73612
Crazy timing with this thread because I ducked in there at lunch yesterday to see what Vans were on sale. I've found great deals on Vans there in the past. No Vans but the one thing that caught my eye was a Jansport heritage duffle in a faded burnt orange color. It's built really nice with thick leather strap holders. Originally $195 marked down to $60. Didn't buy it.....yet.
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