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^In the first post he says he shortened the length to roughly 58". I think the first couple of batches were 59" but I'm not sure. That orange cashmere got me chomping at the bit. Eagerly awaiting for sale thread.
Cool meeting everyone yesterday. Too many Manhattans for me though. Rough night. Anyway, I owe PSG, Lefty and Binge a drink. Maybe we can reschedule House of Shields for the next one?
Change of plans everyone. House of Shields is closed for a private part. We're meeting at the bar in the Palace Hotel, across the street.
I had to Goolge the shoe just to see a pic of them. Something doesn't look right to me. Maybe I'm used to seeing taller boots? The shape looks long and sloped somehow, like it's not vertical enough.
They owe you a suit. It will never be the same and who knows what you'll get next time. As an aside....I never take anything to anyone who can't speak my language or who clearly has no idea what they are dealing with. I would never use a cleaner, shoe repair, home repair, mechanic, etc., that I can't communicate clearly with.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tano can we use it on the 25% corporate shopping event this friday? Got this email today regarding use of the corporate card during 3/18-3/21 sale: For 4 days only, save 25%* on your purchase of regular price merchandise at all Brooks Brothers U.S. and Canadian stores, by phone and online.
I used to have this due to running to much, I think. The mornings were the worst. A good day was when I could walk with a slight limp. Thank God over time (and running less) it got better. I started using orthotics for running and that seemed to help. After a few months of feeling fine, I stopped using orthotics and it never came back. I basically have stopped running in favor of bike riding. Good luck. Hope you cure it.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith I'll follow Fred Astaire's route...I'll be buried in my smoking jacket. I like this. I think I'm going to go the cremation route so it really would be a smoking jacket.
^Yeah, I paid $25 or something like that during a clearance sale at Bloomingdales. The only color they still had in a large was yellow! Lol. I bought them anyway. Yellow is like classic rain gear colors. My only beef is they don't fit over my beefier longwings or double sole bluchers.
^So it is a pocketsquare? What a relief! I thought I bought a piece of a pillowcase or something! Lol.
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