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Don't see why not unless Filson is listed as an exception. I would take the prod.# in to the store and place the order through an SA there. I'm still pissed I never ordered the medium travel bag or the sportsman bag now that they're discontinued.
I don't know anything about tree decoration but I think the actual tree might be a "Silver Tip". Branches are sort of flat and sparse. They're hella expensive as far as xmas trees go. Not sure if it's a California thing.
You might have a point there.
The Massdrop is tempting but I really don't need any more boots. If there was a grain option, that might change my mind. Hopefully this is the first of many Vass x MD MTOs. I'd be down for a F last cap toe or adelaide.
Well that's a relief since Alden is American!
HY is still in business but their customer service has been non existent for along time.And yet it is, Howard Yount.....and yet it is.
Doesn't look too bad to me. How is sizing as far as length goes? Is the advice on the site (whole sizes stay with your size, half sizes should size down) accurate?
Nice pickups all around but this one is probably my favorite. I remember seeing it somewhere online but I forget where. Is it wool/silk or all silk?
Got on BART (SF Bay) last week. Over the last few years BART has switched from fabric covered seats to vinyl covered seats. Believe it or not, the floor used to be carpeted in a type of flat industrial berber. Fabric seats and carpeted flooring on a subway is kind of crazy when you think about it. Now, fabric was sometimes gross because people spill sh*t they shouldn't have on a subway anyway and bums and drunks sometimes piss on them. Vomit gets soaked up by the...
Carmina's site says the price is inclusive of customs so I would keep trying Carmina. Hopefully, you can get this sorted. Please let us know how this is resolved.
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