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That's my guess.So does this mean the shirt I want isn't in stock?
A week from today there's some kind of sale that's 25% (no EG and no cordo). A week after that there is a corp member sale that's 30% off. At least that's what I was told.
Even with Google translate, a lot goes missing in translation. I got to the checkout page, and I think the 3 dialog boxes were trying to tell me one of the shirts wasn't in stock. I think thats' what they were trying to say but who knows. I'm going to send take some screen shots and send them to my fluent Japanese friend.
Don't forget this gem!Not sure this one would fly today.
Bye Bye 'Stick.
I emailed CSC for measurements on a 42 for that same jacket and on me, it would be .5" too long, lol. Yeah, 6'5" is way too tall to be modeling that jacket.
Cool. Thanks.
Site looks way better. Anyone know what the custom costs are when shipped to the US?
I have a gold a168 and I swear, people loved that thing.I'm about to kop a SARB035, I think, with plans for a black croc deployment strap on it. SARBs are so much value for so little money.
The zig zag ones I see the most are Sozzi but Rubinacci has them too. Probably made at the same place.
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