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I would like to see the Taylor in dress fabrics. For me, I think the Gable rise is too high. The slightly lower rise on the Taylor might be just right for me but I lean toward fabrics like fresco / hopsack and flannel.Took another look and saw that the Taylor has loops. I guess my dream version of a highrise pant would be the Taylor w/ side adjusters. Oh well.
Very cool vid. I've coveted more than a few of your ties as long as you've been making them, lol. I'll be ordering one in the near future. The hand stitched edge roll on the backside of the ends have a distinctive, beautiful shape. It's the soft "roundness" of the corners that I find most appealing. Oh, and the front of the ties are nice too.
Ah man, this sucks. I never heard he was sick. Life on Mars because Bowie. RIP, Major Tom, Do let us know.
I wouldn't accept that. IMO, that would definitely qualify as a second. I know it's a hassle to mail them back but I would be really annoyed by that. I'm not one who looks for perfection either. That's a missed punch and you'll see it every time you lace up. Send Carmina a pic and see what they can do for you.
I'm actually really tired of speedhooks. They keep grabbing at my pants/jeans. I've bent them all back almost closed but they still manage to hang up. I'm thinking of having them replaced with eyelets but don't know if this can be done successfully.
Damn, this is dope.
You talkin' 'bout black shoes on SF? Come on, man!
When I think of gunboats, I ONLY think of burnished chestnut pebble grain. The old chestnut Florsheim Imperial is the one true gunboat, in my mind. I remember going into a Florsheim store with my Dad as late as the early 80s and being shocked at the prices. All I could think of was he's about to buy some hella expensive shoes but won't buy me some Jordans. Funny thing is if he had bought me those Chicago Jordan 1s then and I had kept them in good condition, they would...
Yup, return those. I mean, I could understand if the color of the stitch was a shade off but they straight up used the the wrong color thread. Alden's QC is out of hand. You pay near $600 for a pair of boots that aren't what you expected. Unacceptable. Contrast stitching vs tone on tone stitching is a big difference regardless on whether you're ok with the result. It's wrong, that's it. They should apologize for the error, not blow smoke up your a$$ about how the...
Is it new? I know that some SARBs are not covered by warranty in the US but I think some sellers offer some type of coverage. If your covered, I'd send it back. If it's not covered under warranty then read this link.DISCLAIMER. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!That said, I dropped one of my Seiko automatics and it started to run fast. Like, a couple minutes an hour fast. You state that your watch is only running a couple min. fast a day so it may not be the same problem that...
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