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Ah, ok. I know Carmina does a similar calf/suede spectator. I should have noticed the GG on the insole. That Adelaide on Dainite is the perfect wet weather shoe. I really need to make a Carmina purchase.
Whoa, hold up, man. Are those available through GFW? They aren't up on the site. I've thought about trying to get that wingtip for a long time. That pebble Adelaide looks good too. Damn. Good stuff.
Epic action shot, PSG!
Buy a decent stretcher. One with metal parts. Don't bother w/ anything made of plastic if you really want to crank down on it. Get stretch spray too. I got my stretcher from shoecaresupplies.com. It's super heavy duty. I'm using it right now on a pair of loafers that I thought fit but it turns out are too snug. With nothing to lose (I couldn't return them), I've really cranked down on them and they do fit better but it's a work in progress. Really, though,...
Yup, K Swiss! I don't know how many pairs I went through. The side would always blowout by the pinkie toe and I would take fishing line and an awl and hand stitch it back to to the sole. Jordans would start to come out a few years later but my Mom would never pay that much for sneakers for me which lead to a major obsession w/ sneakers later in life. Still unabashedly a sneaker addict.
Basically, what I still wear today. I'm old. I was in 9th grade in 1982. The whole "yuppie" thing was just starting to be a thing and so prep was a popular look. Gant button down plaid shirts, 501s, and Bass Weejuns or Sperry topsiders. Today the denim is selvedge, the shirts Brooks OCBD or the occasional plaid madras, and loafers are AE Kenwoods. The overall look is the same.
Anyone see a navy knit w/ white polka dot tie? Longshot but if it's there and someone can proxy, let me know.
Lol. I had the exact problem while searching for the OCBDs.
Nice boots but I really like the rug,
^Oh man, I don't know what I'm going to do. I may have to just wait until I can get to a shop and try on some Carmina's in person. I haven't had much luck sizing loafers online anyway.
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