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If the price point and quality is right, the white and oxblood lows are kopped. Pics look real good, though.
^Does BB have ESF shirts in patterns? Yes, search for "Milano" fit. That's what they're calling ESF now.
Speaking SFBB, my nephew had normal suit alterations (sleeves, the bump at the neck, pants hemmed) and they had it done by the next day. On the other hand, I recently bought a SC that needed the sleeves to be lengthened and it took 1.5 weeks. I also asked about doing a button swap and even brought my own buttons but was told doing buttons was $50 now. SA told me to go to my normal alteratiions place. I ended up buying my own button thread for $2. We'll see how it...
Kind of Blue by the beach
Hello,I may be wrong but I think Epaulet will no longer be offering Carmina.You might try asking in the affiliate threads of Skoaktiebolaget or Gentlemensfootwear.http://www.styleforum.net/t/338047/skoaktiebolaget-carmina-eg-gg-bonafe-saint-crispins-official-affiliate-threadhttp://www.styleforum.net/t/350127/gentlemensfootwear-com-carmina-drakes-cappelli-finamore-official-affiliate-thread
^As far as I understand (I've never used Luxire...yet) you can take your best fitting shirt and send it to them to copy. You'll have a perfect fitting shirt customized anyway you want (material, cuffs, collar, pleats, etc.). Prices are either in line or actually cheaper than BB. I'm going to send a pair of pants to be copied soon. Another option is Kamakura but you have to sort out what fit you are.
Do you have to try something on or something? If so, I'd go in sometime this week and talk to a SA about your dilemma. Maybe they can work something out like allow you to pre-buy it.
^The shoe on the left is beautiful. The shoe on the right is Alden. I love some of my Alden's but damn if that pic doesn't make me want to sell some of them.
I want to see you recreate the stripper scene in Lost in Translation. Oh, and I want some you to visit Kamakura and tell them we need some restocked shirts already.
^I want the cognac shell WT and even at it's current price, it's still not that bad a deal but knowing they were about $100 cheaper not long ago hurts! Also, I have a question for those who have ordered directly from Carmina. Right now, you get the choice of Express or normal shipping and both are free. Obviously express will be quicker but is there an advantage to taking normal shipping in regard to duties? I guess my question is does USPS charge more or less than...
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