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34 Light grey hopsack? I hesitated, made my mind up and they were gone! As a consolation, I'm considering the Fresco.
^That's brown, right? Not loden? If brown, they are available right now (depending on size) direct from Carmina.
Great deal. If I didn't already have that Panta, I'd be in.
FYI. When ordering directly from Carmina, I don't think they take Visa from the US. I tried and then my bank called to make sure it wasn't some sort of fraud attempt. That's how it worked for me, anyway. I had to pay via Paypal.
^Yeah, looks like a few stitches to remove the tab holding the tassels but you'd have to do something to mask the holes. Agree, not worth doing when you could pick up some way nicer Carmina's for about the same money. 'Bout to kop the Reyn Spooner SC.....just kidding.
If the price point and quality is right, the white and oxblood lows are kopped. Pics look real good, though.
^Does BB have ESF shirts in patterns? Yes, search for "Milano" fit. That's what they're calling ESF now.
Speaking SFBB, my nephew had normal suit alterations (sleeves, the bump at the neck, pants hemmed) and they had it done by the next day. On the other hand, I recently bought a SC that needed the sleeves to be lengthened and it took 1.5 weeks. I also asked about doing a button swap and even brought my own buttons but was told doing buttons was $50 now. SA told me to go to my normal alteratiions place. I ended up buying my own button thread for $2. We'll see how it...
Kind of Blue by the beach
Hello,I may be wrong but I think Epaulet will no longer be offering Carmina.You might try asking in the affiliate threads of Skoaktiebolaget or Gentlemensfootwear.
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