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+1. Grey string loafter, Uetam last.
The Cognac/gold hardware combo is great. I'm thinking of the navy case but the cognac might make me change my mind. I guess an option would be both.
The standard billfold.
^ While a passport wallet would be nice, I would prefer a briefcase/regular wallet bundle.
I need a briefcase/wallet bundle. I should have just copped the briefcase w/ the preorder. Live and learn, I guess.
Ah, ok. I know Carmina does a similar calf/suede spectator. I should have noticed the GG on the insole. That Adelaide on Dainite is the perfect wet weather shoe. I really need to make a Carmina purchase.
Whoa, hold up, man. Are those available through GFW? They aren't up on the site. I've thought about trying to get that wingtip for a long time. That pebble Adelaide looks good too. Damn. Good stuff.
Epic action shot, PSG!
Buy a decent stretcher. One with metal parts. Don't bother w/ anything made of plastic if you really want to crank down on it. Get stretch spray too. I got my stretcher from shoecaresupplies.com. It's super heavy duty. I'm using it right now on a pair of loafers that I thought fit but it turns out are too snug. With nothing to lose (I couldn't return them), I've really cranked down on them and they do fit better but it's a work in progress. Really, though,...
Yup, K Swiss! I don't know how many pairs I went through. The side would always blowout by the pinkie toe and I would take fishing line and an awl and hand stitch it back to to the sole. Jordans would start to come out a few years later but my Mom would never pay that much for sneakers for me which lead to a major obsession w/ sneakers later in life. Still unabashedly a sneaker addict.
New Posts  All Forums: