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^This. I've only tried Safari but same issue.
You know, it's like everything else in life. There are sub-subcultures. I find that get what you give. I also think group dynamics have something to do with it. I'd put money on it that if there were 3 or 4, it would be different. I've talked to guys who ride sport bikes and there appears to be a true disconnect between them and HD riders. But I know one guy with a HD Sportster and he LOVES vintage bikes, especially 2 strokes even though he doesn't currently own but...
Question. Who do you give the biker peace sign / head nod to? Took the bike out today and needed to stop for gas. Now, I give the downward peace sign or head nod to anyone on a bike regardless of brand or style of bike. I don't really care when it's not returned for whatever reason. I pull in to the gas station and there is about 15-20 HD riders. Mostly baggers with those giant front fairings. As I pull in, they all turn to look. I get my gas, kick start it and...
^WTF? That's crazy.
Looks like a pocket watch chain.
Might have to drop by for a drink since I can't make the SF meetup on Thurs.
Cheese Wiz Kalifalafel
Eric B & Rakim Chi
Pulled Bjork
Sushi and the Banshees
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