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Damn! Plaid, gingham, stripes and polk dots. Respect. Love that jacket.
^Looking at your Alden sizing, my guess is you're a US9.5. In that case, I would say you would go UK8.5 in Forest. As always, it's best to try them on if at all possible.
It looked to me that they did foul him. It wouldn't have mattered though because along with being the best 3 shooter in the league, he's also automatic at the FT line. Pick your poison.
Pretty sure it is. I drive a 99 VW Passat (bought used), a restored/modded Yamaha 1978 RD 400 and an original Honda 1975 CB400 Four and I'm fairly certain I have more spent on sneakers, proper shoes, SCs/suits, shirts, pants/denim, pocketsquares and ties than I've spent on all 3 vehicles combined. Sad thing is I don't like a lot of my wardrobe due to taste changing or just bad purchases. I'm currently thinning the sneaker collection, though so maybe it'll balance out.
@Bobbo316, it is for me. 9 in Barrie/Trubalance, 9.5 in Hampton.
This gem showed up while I was leaving Marketplace feedback. Yeah, not gonna click that.
^Looks good. Something along those lines is definitely on my list. I've been looking for an unconstructed tobacco linen/silk hopsack w/out luck.
I doubt very much I'll be able to make it for dinner. I'm a maybe for the trunk show. A lot going on tomorrow. Plus, I'd have to drive from the East Bay and 80 is never a nice a drive and there's a Giants game at 6P. Traffic nightmare.
Barrie runs big like Trubalance. You should do pretty good in a 8D in Barrie. At least that's the way it works for me. Same size for both Barrie and Trubalance.
Went back to Skoak to possibly kop the burgundy museum Adelaide's and lo and behold they're gone in every size except 11. Damn.
New Posts  All Forums: