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Damn. I don't think I would have been able to sell those Js. Those would be mine forever.
What would the US size equivalent be?
I get why #8 is popular but I'm trying to wrap my mind around why demand would be high for black cordo compared to, say, #4 or any other lighter color. Does not compute. When I think of black shoes, I think formal and as such, I would go w/ calf, not cordo. Then again, I don't own any black shoes so whatever. I would love to see more shoes in #4.
34 Light grey hopsack? I hesitated, made my mind up and they were gone! As a consolation, I'm considering the Fresco.
^That's brown, right? Not loden? If brown, they are available right now (depending on size) direct from Carmina.
Great deal. If I didn't already have that Panta, I'd be in.
FYI. When ordering directly from Carmina, I don't think they take Visa from the US. I tried and then my bank called to make sure it wasn't some sort of fraud attempt. That's how it worked for me, anyway. I had to pay via Paypal.
^Yeah, looks like a few stitches to remove the tab holding the tassels but you'd have to do something to mask the holes. Agree, not worth doing when you could pick up some way nicer Carmina's for about the same money. 'Bout to kop the Reyn Spooner SC.....just kidding.
If the price point and quality is right, the white and oxblood lows are kopped. Pics look real good, though.
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