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Depends. Were they available to ship immediately? The new site, at least, will either say "ships immediately" or "ships in 30 days" or something like that when you choose your size. I waited for my size to say "ships immediately" before I placed my order. I placed the order, got a shipping notice the next day and received my pair 2 weeks later (because I chose USPS instead of FedEx).Just shoot them an email w/ your order deets. I'm pretty sure they'll sort it out.
One of my favorite spots. I think I can do this.
I chose the wrong size in Okayamas and so had to pay a visit to their HQ to see what we could sort out. Ended up sizing down 1 to 33 Straight. Had to go w/ Blue 17s because no Okayamas were available. Too bad too because the Okayama is fantastic. Will back ASAP. YMMV but if anyone is curious, I compared actual measurements to their chart. My pair (33 Straight, Blue 17): Waist: 16.5, so 33 which is .5 smaller than the chart. Hem: 8, so 16 which is 2" smaller than the...
FRA GEE LAYCool print from a great movie.And to keep this thread on track, I like your clothes too.
The only other last I've tried on (other than Simpson) is Forest. I was fine in the same size as Uetam (UK8.5). I highly suspect I'd take the same size in Rain.FWIW, I'm a US9.5 in almost everything except Alden's Barrie and True Balance.
Just received these direct from Carmina. I chose USPS. It took exactly 2 weeks from the day they shipped. No customs. Matching belt is from GFW. I would have kopped the loafers from GFW too but my size wasn't available. I asked numerous members here regarding sizing on the Uetam so I thouight I'd offer my thoughts. Yes, Uetam is narrow and low volume but not as much as Simpson. For me, 1 size down from US size was spot on. I'm US9.5 and these are UK8.5. Left...
Damn. I don't think I would have been able to sell those Js. Those would be mine forever.
What would the US size equivalent be?
I get why #8 is popular but I'm trying to wrap my mind around why demand would be high for black cordo compared to, say, #4 or any other lighter color. Does not compute. When I think of black shoes, I think formal and as such, I would go w/ calf, not cordo. Then again, I don't own any black shoes so whatever. I would love to see more shoes in #4.
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