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Can anyone w/ 34 straight fits tell me if the leg opening is really 9" as listed on their size chart? My hope is they're a bit smaller.
I came very close to copping the creamy waffle SC but I basically got distracted by the many books of fabric, shoes and of course meeting and getting reacquainted with the Styleforum brethren. Good time hanging out, fellas. And thanks PSG and KofC for putting it all together.
FWIW, I RSVPd earlier and now I have a +1 that will be attending very briefly.
This. If these were a UK8.5, I would be very tempted.
^Those are glorious. I just went to their site and good thing they didn't have my size because I would have probably copped.
A couple years ago, that bag was on shelf sort of behind the register and I asked the SA how much it was. She looked at the tag and said "$400". I said I'd take it, lol, knowing full well she missed a digit. She looked at the price tag again and almost gagged. Needless to say, I didn't get that bag that day and never will.
You know, I had read that that quote had a sexual connotation.Coincidentally, I was going to bring a friend who is tall and blonde but she can be quite a trainwreck (does AA but not very well) and I'd rather not deal with what might happen. Sometimes I'm more inclined to deal but I won't risk it this night. I have other tall blonde friends though so who knows!
Thanks for the pics Steve. Everything looks great but that navy museum calf looks is what really catches my eye. Semi brogue Adelaide, perhaps?
I'm in like Flynn.
I don't consider myself a Bal Boot person but damn those are nice. Might have to consider it in the future.
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