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And I'm really happy for Iguadolla dolla bill, too. Coming off the bench without an attitude to being the key to this championship. He gets my good guy award.
I have a hard time watching the press conf. of the losing team in any sport. Actually, the winner's side is just as painful because of the dumb cliche sports questions. "What does them mean to you?" "How do you feel right now?" etc. and so forth. Blah, blah, blah.
Lived in the Bay Area my entire life. Many seasons of outright sucking but still loved my team. God, what a relief this is over. It's about to get real in Oakland tonight!
^I got a little sale booklet today and it says men's sportwear suits, SCs, pants and access. are "Up to 40%" so it varies depending on what you're looking at. For example, there's a Seersucker suit that's 25% but there are some Fitzgerald SCs that are 40%. It also says dress shirts, sport shirts and ties (4 or more) are 40% off (shirts orig. $65-$225; ties orig. $59.50-$98.50). Nothing specific for shoes that I see. The "4 or more" shirt thing and differences between...
Were those split toes GMTOs? I'm not a spit toe guy but those are very nice.
Depends. Were they available to ship immediately? The new site, at least, will either say "ships immediately" or "ships in 30 days" or something like that when you choose your size. I waited for my size to say "ships immediately" before I placed my order. I placed the order, got a shipping notice the next day and received my pair 2 weeks later (because I chose USPS instead of FedEx).Just shoot them an email w/ your order deets. I'm pretty sure they'll sort it out.
One of my favorite spots. I think I can do this.
I chose the wrong size in Okayamas and so had to pay a visit to their HQ to see what we could sort out. Ended up sizing down 1 to 33 Straight. Had to go w/ Blue 17s because no Okayamas were available. Too bad too because the Okayama is fantastic. Will back ASAP. YMMV but if anyone is curious, I compared actual measurements to their chart. My pair (33 Straight, Blue 17): Waist: 16.5, so 33 which is .5 smaller than the chart. Hem: 8, so 16 which is 2" smaller than the...
FRA GEE LAYCool print from a great movie.And to keep this thread on track, I like your clothes too.
The only other last I've tried on (other than Simpson) is Forest. I was fine in the same size as Uetam (UK8.5). I highly suspect I'd take the same size in Rain.FWIW, I'm a US9.5 in almost everything except Alden's Barrie and True Balance.
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