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+1. I slept on those in my size and regret it. Hoping for a restock..
Y'all feel that? I'm guessing 3.0 or something. Ok...back to Adult Swim.
I took these in direct California sun. Its bright but I think the color is pretty accurate.
So do you pull the fat end up and through the knot? What's the proper method? I've always done what you described.*edit* Ok, I just did a quick search and found out you're supposed to just work backward to untie it. Learned something new today.
Any idea what last these are on?
PM and payment sent for two ties. Nice stuff. Hard to limit myself to just two!
Yeah, for that price the Lowdnes is a better buy but the 348 is such a long and narrow last for me. If the Mora was priced like a standard AE shoe ($300-350), I would consider it. For $450, I'm not taking a second look.
I wear a US9.5 in most dress shoes. The only exception are those that run large like the Alden TruBalance and Barrie lasts. In those two lasts, I wear a US9.I sized down 1/2 (US9) in the HY monks and they are perfect. I think they are a really nice dub monk.
Why does does hitting the back button after viewing something on say, page 3, return me to page 1? That makes me stop looking at BS rather quickly.
Well, I guess that worked correctly!The post I was having trouble with is in the Soporific Tie thread in MC. Oh well, maybe it was operator error!
New Posts  All Forums: