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You and me both. I want an Adelaide, cap toe, Rain last in museum brown.
I'm waiting on a veg tan belt and I'm looking for any suggestions on what kind of balms or conditioners to use. I'm looking at Fiebings Leather balm w/ atom wax, neutral color. Is that good choice?
"The rest is up to you (no square/tie/socks is permitted)" Wait, so no square, ties or socks?
I remove mine as well. Do it VERY carefully, though, with a a fine point pair of sharp scissors. The first time I tried it, I used a stitch picker (unstitcher) and I used too much force and put a run right through a brand new Drakes wool/silk square. Very pissed at myself. Since then I take a small pair of razor sharp scissors that come to a point and snip a thread on the label side of the stitch until they are all cut. Then I gently pull the threads out making sure...
I lol'd.
LOL. At first I would have been like and then I'd be like If they were a 33 Straight, I might buy them off you.
Bedouin scarf and a medallion tie is calling. I think I've been looking at too many rugs lately.
Oh my. A US 40 should size up 1 to a EU52, right? Very tempting. Would be better as a 3 patch, though. Is that an option?
I want a crocolaide with a croc toe cap in navy museum. Would instakop.
I think they use something like this:Harmonized Tariff Schedule halfway down on the left, you can see "Footwear". If you then click the + sign underneath, you get a chart that breaks down every type of shoe ever created in all of human history along with the Rate of Duty by state. You can see how something might get misclassified.Disclaimer - I have no idea if this is actually what they use to calculate duties.Good luck!EDIT - I don't think the...
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