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Ah, ok thanks. No D monks for me, though.
Is there anything planned in navy museum calf?
Anyone know where I can find a Guide Work Jacket in Blackwatch, sz. M?
I'm in toward 5PM as long as traffic on 80 doesn't suck too bad.
Yeah, I thought this was the same shoe. I guess just treat it like casual shoe. Sportcoats, odd trou., etc. I don't think I'd wear them with a suit, though. I'd like to hear some ideas on this too.
^So nice! Those are on Forest, right? Is sizing TTS? Looks like a "normal" width last.
I found someone on another forum who had numerous pairs of 34 straights and he said all of his measure 8 or 8.25. He said he did wash his though. I realize not everyone will have the same experience but I backed the Okayama in a 34 Straight. I'll post measurements when they arrive.
Holy Shnikes, those are amazing.
^Thank you. I dug up last years F&F sale and saw that it was mid May. I think I can wait til then.
Does anyone know when the next sale is?
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