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I want a crocolaide with a croc toe cap in navy museum. Would instakop.
I think they use something like this:Harmonized Tariff Schedulehttp://hts.usitc.gov/About halfway down on the left, you can see "Footwear". If you then click the + sign underneath, you get a chart that breaks down every type of shoe ever created in all of human history along with the Rate of Duty by state. You can see how something might get misclassified.Disclaimer - I have no idea if this is actually what they use to calculate duties.Good luck!EDIT - I don't think the...
40% is outrageous. I don't know if anyone has had any luck in this situation but maybe you could contact someone in Customs to see if they were classified correctly. That can't be right.
That sounds familiar. Right before the 2 week mark, I started to try and estimate when they would arrive and then I said "whatever, they'll show when they show" and then boom, they appeared.
Mine "shipped" the next day but then seemed to stall in the Spanish departure dept. Then exactly 2 weeks to the day that I placed the order, they showed up at my door. The "tracking" never even showed anything past "departing" or whatever it translates as. My guess is you will have your shoes very shortly.
That Frazetta shirt is too dope. As if I didn't already have too much to do, you're going to have me sifting through estate sales and thrift shops now.
Does the Creamy Waffle only come in navy and off white?
And I'm really happy for Iguadolla dolla bill, too. Coming off the bench without an attitude to being the key to this championship. He gets my good guy award.
I have a hard time watching the press conf. of the losing team in any sport. Actually, the winner's side is just as painful because of the dumb cliche sports questions. "What does them mean to you?" "How do you feel right now?" etc. and so forth. Blah, blah, blah.
Lived in the Bay Area my entire life. Many seasons of outright sucking but still loved my team. God, what a relief this is over. It's about to get real in Oakland tonight!
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