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Looks good, Sugar! Maybe a pocket square next time, though. Just pin it to your race suit.
What fit are these?
Good time tonight. The shoe porn alone was worth it. I'll be dreaming of those mink suede captoes and the suede/calf boots. The free apps and pisco drinks was a nice bonus. Great to see the usual suspects and the new faces. Weird balmy SF night, for sure. Thanks for putting this together!
Very true. I do everything to avoid them but they are an aggressive bunch.
Thanks for the helpful info. Really tempted by more than a few of their models but can't even decide where to start!
Is the sizing between the different lasts consistent? What can you share regarding sizing?
Grossa, for me.
Yup. Another nice day here in the Bay today. This time of year is when we get our best weather. I'm still wearing summery SCs and I just got some white jeans that I really like so I'm still wearing them, post-labor day be damned! After this weekend, I think I'll put away the madras. Damn shame as I just acquired a really nice madras tie that will sit in a drawer for the next 7-8 months.
^ Collecting.
I have the same Drakes square in blue/orange: I also have a vintage square from a designer named Tammis Keefe who was a textile designer in the 50's. If I had to guess, I'd say this square is from 50's or early 60s. It's really similar in design, just more simple. I know these must be based from some ancient painting or tapestry or something. Anyone know what these are originally based off?
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