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^I didn't own it but like SB, I've managed to watch it about a thousand times. I think that movie is why I'm attracted to women who resemble Sean Young. Actually, it was Stripes and Blade Runner. Maybe more so Blade Runner. Yeah definitely Blade Runner. She was stunning in that. Anyway, can someone explain the pile of clothes thing, please?
I'm a huge fan of tartan pants, especially this time of year so I'm all for the blackwatch pants. There is a pair of tartan pants on RL right now that I would kop if not for the $450 price tag! As far as plaid in general, I prefer larger patterns. Personally, i think I could only do tartan plaids during the holidays but many non-"old man" posters on here seem to do plaid pants well.
This is good, I've met every type of rider listed. I would also add: The In Before Outers. These are the people who are on the platform when the train pulls in and when the doors open they try to board w/out first letting people off. It's common sense to know that you can't occupy a space that is already occupied. Also happens in elevators. The Escalator Blockers. These people haven't learned the "walk left, stand right" rule on escalators. The rule is not specific...
^ There are a few pairs in BS and the seller (forgot who) says sizing for him is more like a 1/2 size down from US. Not sure what lasts though. Sucks that I can't try these on.
Only once did I have to deal w/ a guy who fit the stereotype of nerd, no social skills, sometimes scary IT guy. Most of the IT people I've ever had to deal w/ were all right. 3 of the hottest women I've worked with were IT. One was the most sultry woman I've ever known. She knew it too. A look from her would strike me dumb. Another was kind of like a typical sweet suburban girl who secretly (not so secretly) wanted to do porn. The most recent one is one of the most...
The usual suspects....RL, Barneys and Bloomies. Great sales and I've always had great service. Neiman Marcus too. Best selection of Drakes ties here. Unionmade is awesome. From Alden, LVC, Golden Bear varsity jackets, Sierra Designs, Woolrich Woolen, etc. Wide array of stuff in a small space. Great look too with a big old 48 star flag, vintage Filson display and McIntosh amp for audio needs. it goes w/out saying that Selfedge is the spot for denim. Shop looks...
Wish I could make it to this one but can't. Sounds like a good spot, too. Next time.
Had this custom bow made by Cordial Churchman for the holidays, the tshirt is a gift for my nephew. Bow is reversible with wool Blackwatch and black satin. Awesome on both sides!
I always order a burger medium and it's always basically cooked through. I'd almost prefer a raw burger! I feel like they ask me how I want my burger but I think they overcook it on purpose for fear of food poisoning me. That's how I rationalize it anyway. Damn, now I'm thinking about burgers.
Engineered Garments, right?
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