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I always order a burger medium and it's always basically cooked through. I'd almost prefer a raw burger! I feel like they ask me how I want my burger but I think they overcook it on purpose for fear of food poisoning me. That's how I rationalize it anyway. Damn, now I'm thinking about burgers.
Engineered Garments, right?
^Oh wow. I've been getting eggs from my dad's hens so they are about as fresh as can be. Never thought that would be a factor. Thanks! I'll try the shell cracking technique.
I can boil an egg but peeling one w/out the membrane sticking to the egg can be troublesome for me. Sometimes it comes off w/ the shell sometimes not so much. Combine that w/ the fact that I prefer soft cooked eggs and i've usually got a mess of shell/whites in the sink. I've tried cooling with ice, gradual cooling, starting eggs at room temp w/ cold water, etc. I can't seem to find a pattern/ combination that affords me perfectly shelled eggs.
I called and was told they were "taken out of inventory" due to them being damaged (tongue stitch, I assume but didn't ask). I told them I'd buy them damaged and the SA said he couldn't if he wanted to.Company policy, blah blah blah. He said he couldn't ring them up. I'm curious as to why that's the case but I didn't press the issue.
Enabler! Lol. Thanks for the info. Might try this tomorrow. Now if I can just get some sleep tonight w/out dreaming of a horse's ass.
^Enabler! Lol. Damn, and I thought I was going to sleep well tonight.
^Thanks for the Lindrick update, Spoo. All the chatter about these boots broke down my will power and I had decided to call the SA tomorrow and see if he could find me a pair. I know that pair in LI HAS to be gone by now so I'm writing them off. I can rest easy now that I know 9.5s are gone. To be honest, I'll probably end up calling my SA tomorrow anyway, lol.
Someone else wanted the tartan wool fun pants? Hit me up if you get another pair in the same size (34) ! Would kop in a heart beat!
Button's. I also wish more trousers came w/ buttons.
New Posts  All Forums: