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I almost bought this suit too and now it's back up to $1098. If I'm remembering correctly, it was like 40% off in the clearance section, right? Right now they're 2 for $1600. I wonder if this stacks w/ the corporate 15%? Might have to ask my SA.
FWIW, I just called AE to see if they could make these up in my size and was told they were not customizing the Kenwood at this time. If these were .5 size larger, I'd pick these up. I have these in "gentry leather", basically corrected grain. IMO, the Kenwood is the perfect American beefroll loafer. In shell, for this price is outstanding. Someone buy these!
I wonder the same thing but have come to the conclusion (after seeing beautifully tied knots in WAYWRN, some the same maker and width of ties that I own) that my FIH technique sucks. Where to start the knot, how close to the neck am I when I first cross over, how much longer the wide side is compared to the short when I start it....all kinds of variables. Not that I'm trying to achieve a perfect knot, either. I like a "natural" looking knot. A FIH is a simple knot but...
What US size would you say these are appropriate for? US9?
How did I not see this until now? I need a 9 tassel, I think. I wear a 9.5 darlton/marlow WT and I think the tassel runs 1/2 big.
RKD, I understand wanting them w/out that smudge since they're right out the box. I would too but I also know that they'll look awesome w/ natural wear. Toes get scuffed. I say just wear them as is.
Pale green tussah might look dope for spring, just sayin'.
They do look like faded #8. If these are really faded shell though (any color), look under the tassels. Every display pair I've seen has remained darker under the tassels. If the color is even throughout the vamp then I'm not sure what these are. Whatever the case, faded or not, they're lovely and I'd be very tempted if they were a 9.5! I shouldn't have instakopped the RL C&J tassels during the last 40% off sale. Won't make that mistake again.
Anyone else noticing that pics in B/S often don't ever load? I've tried to look at a few different items only to stare endlessly at the spinning wheel thing. Is this a forum problem or a problem with the sellers pics? Whatever, it's saving me money but I thought I'd ask.
Lookin' good Eustace! Supposed to rain here for the next few day but I'm tempted to try and smoke a pork shoulder and/or ribs. I don't have any cover either so the smoker would be directly in the rain. Bad idea?
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