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Yup. SF Bloomies but this one is a 50. It was an additional 1/2 off with a $125 store credit kickback. All it needed was the sleeves to be shortened 1/4" and after 2 attempts and 3 weeks, they're still a hair too long.
This is exactly why I kopped this w/out a second thought!
The Armoury has "green suede" which is probably the same as loden but I don't know.http://shop.thearmoury.com/us/artisans/carmina/carmina-uetam-80285-loafer-suede-green
A guy who doesn't like loafers dons string tie loafers? I could almost understand a handsewn penny but a string tie?Murlsquirl, I fear you are on the precipice of wearing tassels. It's the next logical step and you are closer to that step than even you realize!
You and me both. I want an Adelaide, cap toe, Rain last in museum brown.
I'm waiting on a veg tan belt and I'm looking for any suggestions on what kind of balms or conditioners to use. I'm looking at Fiebings Leather balm w/ atom wax, neutral color. Is that good choice?
"The rest is up to you (no square/tie/socks is permitted)" Wait, so no square, ties or socks?
I remove mine as well. Do it VERY carefully, though, with a a fine point pair of sharp scissors. The first time I tried it, I used a stitch picker (unstitcher) and I used too much force and put a run right through a brand new Drakes wool/silk square. Very pissed at myself. Since then I take a small pair of razor sharp scissors that come to a point and snip a thread on the label side of the stitch until they are all cut. Then I gently pull the threads out making sure...
I lol'd.
LOL. At first I would have been like and then I'd be like If they were a 33 Straight, I might buy them off you.
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