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Portishead Cheese
De La Filet of Sole
Tom Tom Club Sandwich
Wish i would have kopped that green linen/white stripe. So nice.
I walked past yesterday and thought about going in. Maybe they were already closed? They looked open, though. I've always admired what was in the windows. Sucks as I'll never have a chance to go in.
Grapehillvine done lost dey mind. WTH? http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-DONALD-J-PLINER-Black-White-Vouch-OXFORDS-Mens-9-5-DRESS-425-/190666761001?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item2c649fe329
If anyone has a 34 in either the new blue twill or the green cords and they didn't work out, let me know.
Sitting here drinking a gin & tonic watching a lightning storm out of my window. Not sure why but I like them. It's really rainy though so I'm only seeing flashes instead of lightning "branches" but it's still cool.
I don't like how some of them have 6 lace holes.
If you're near a Nordstrom Rack, they sell Woodlore trees for $12.90 a pair. Just picked up a couple pairs the other day.
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