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Can anyone offer sizing advice on the Monitaly varsity? I wear a 42 sport coat most of the time. I wear a L in the Union Made x Golden Bear varsity too. They run about 1 size small.
Damn, how did i not see this? I needed those 34 x 30 joints. Damn.
"Tim's Vermeer" It's currently available on Comcast's On Demand for free. Pretty fascinating.
Picked up this Drakes at a very nice discount. Haven't worn it yet but I think it be perfect for the wintery June evenings that happen in the Bay Area.
+1. Grey string loafter, Uetam last.
The Cognac/gold hardware combo is great. I'm thinking of the navy case but the cognac might make me change my mind. I guess an option would be both.
The standard billfold.
^ While a passport wallet would be nice, I would prefer a briefcase/regular wallet bundle.
I need a briefcase/wallet bundle. I should have just copped the briefcase w/ the preorder. Live and learn, I guess.
Ah, ok. I know Carmina does a similar calf/suede spectator. I should have noticed the GG on the insole. That Adelaide on Dainite is the perfect wet weather shoe. I really need to make a Carmina purchase.
New Posts  All Forums: