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We have a winner.
Seriously. I'd really like B14, though.
Return them so they can take a closer look. That looks pretty bad but honestly Alden isn't the best company when it comes to finishing. From wide welts, broken, missed or bunched stitches, etc., we've seen it all and unless their quality control people are blind, they don't consider them seconds. That maybe fine for a typical "work boot" but to me, that's not ok for a "work boot" that costs almost $600.
^All very nice, Steve.
^Many years ago, I tried on a pair that was 1/2 down and they were too snug so I passed. They didn't have a 9.5, which is the size I have in both WT and Lindricks. At least that's how I remember it. Either way, I wish I had a pair of PTBs. I have Alden's 990 and don't wear them because they're so blobby in comparison. I really should just sell them and try to find some RL PTBs.
Not just at the waist. It's big through the body, ie. chest but yes, they are especially roomy the waist. I think they would have to be taken a few inches to get them to where I wanted but short of that, I'm curious to see what a tailor could do to get them close. I'll be taking one to a respected tailor near me to get his thoughts on getting it to fit better w/ out rebuilding the whole jacket. It's been the only downside to losing weight.
I need to have a few jackets taken in through the body. In general, can you take a 42 and make it close to a 40 without recutting, moving pockets, etc.? My fear is the waist will have to be taken in so much that the jacket will start to have a hourglass shape.
Not much but they did have the brown windowpane DB that is currently on sale on their site, though. I did remember seeing some shirts and a few ties.
Ah man, say it ain't so! Embrace your inner loafer-self! Stash them in the closet for a time and then, one warm evening, take them out into the glorious fading light of dusk and take step and then another and in short order you will become one footwear sans laces.
Yup. SF Bloomies but this one is a 50. It was an additional 1/2 off with a $125 store credit kickback. All it needed was the sleeves to be shortened 1/4" and after 2 attempts and 3 weeks, they're still a hair too long.
New Posts  All Forums: