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GS gets the rebound and my bro in law yells "TIMEOUT" but then it became apparent that Kerr wasn't going to call it and with 4 sec. or whatever it was, did we really think he was going to pass? Drive to get closer? What for? Just freaking launch it. LOL. It's so confusing because everything that makes sense for any other player in that situation goes out the window. The rules don't apply to him. After he made it my bro in law is screaming "YES!" and I just sat there...
I was barley paying attention and was almost certain OKC was going to win. At the end of regulation, my nephew was moaning because of Iggy's lackluster FT % and quite frankly, I didn't think he'd hit both. The look Iggy gave the bench afterward was hysterical. After he hit the 2nd one, I looked at my bro in law and told him GS was taking this game. I didn't think they'd win with Steph taking a shot from 33' but I knew they would somehow get it done. That's a dumb...
Thank you, that really helps. I wear a 10 in SS so that reaffirms that I should be backing the sz. 9 Gustin.
What size are the Stan Smiths in your comparison pic?
You might look at the Billykirk carry all bags. They make them in a medium and large size. Styled after a mason's bag. http://www.billykirk.com/collections/bags/products/no-165-medium-carryall-tan-waxed You could also just go with an actual mason bag. Utilitarian and much cheaper. This one is by Klein. ...
I would like to see the Taylor in dress fabrics. For me, I think the Gable rise is too high. The slightly lower rise on the Taylor might be just right for me but I lean toward fabrics like fresco / hopsack and flannel.Took another look and saw that the Taylor has loops. I guess my dream version of a highrise pant would be the Taylor w/ side adjusters. Oh well.
Very cool vid. I've coveted more than a few of your ties as long as you've been making them, lol. I'll be ordering one in the near future. The hand stitched edge roll on the backside of the ends have a distinctive, beautiful shape. It's the soft "roundness" of the corners that I find most appealing. Oh, and the front of the ties are nice too.
Ah man, this sucks. I never heard he was sick. Life on Mars because Bowie. RIP, Major Tom, Do let us know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v--IqqusnNQ
I wouldn't accept that. IMO, that would definitely qualify as a second. I know it's a hassle to mail them back but I would be really annoyed by that. I'm not one who looks for perfection either. That's a missed punch and you'll see it every time you lace up. Send Carmina a pic and see what they can do for you.
I'm actually really tired of speedhooks. They keep grabbing at my pants/jeans. I've bent them all back almost closed but they still manage to hang up. I'm thinking of having them replaced with eyelets but don't know if this can be done successfully.
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