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Those look good but why does the description say Danite sole when leather soles are pictured? I would like a good wet weather boot so I'd prefer Danite soles.
Happy Holidays, Spoo! FWIW, I'm about to hopefully win one of your auctions very soon!
"All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it." H. L. Mencken
I sent mine back and it was received there on the 7th and I got it back today, so exactly 2 weeks. They told me it would be as long as up to a month but I think they say that to lower expectations. Really glad I went with brown and the 256 vs. the 257. I have a larger bag so I didn't need extra room. Now that I have it I can say the leather grip is a must.
Damn. I haven't been to Revival and this would have been a perfect opportunity. Unfortunately, I'll be in SF this evening. FWIW, there is a restaurant/bar a half block from Revival called Comal that would be a good spot for a future Eastbay SF meetup. Have fun guys.
I'm going to try to make it to Tosca. Haven't been there since I used to work in that 'hood.
Damn this thread. I finally fell victim to it. Called RL asked for a code and got it. Cordo Lindrick order placed. Never thought I would think of my Alden Ravello WT boots as 2nd in the boot rotation.
Has anyone tried on or purchased the quilted blazer? Local BB doesn't carry it and I need sizing advice.
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