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I came really close to joining the MTO for the field boot in suede/pebble but couldn't get over how slim the last appeared in pics that I could find. For a boot, I would want something less sleek looking. Maybe it was just the pics I could find. I don't know. More in the wild pics would be nice.
So many laughs.
Recently had a chance to ride a backroad on my CB so I took a pic. Apparently, this is also a good road to do donuts.
Random question... Just got my first DB SC and is it "normal" for the left nipple button to be stitched through the welt pocket? I went to put a pocketsquare in there and found the button was stitched through. I'll undo it and restitch the button. Just wondering if this is normal or if it was an error.
Took advantage of the shoe sale and scooped up a pair of Castaner. Going to be my Summer staple. edit: Post 666
@Epaulet RE: The Linen MTO, I'm interested in 1364 but the picture of it on the swatch card looks darker than the pic of it in hand. On the card, it almost looks like tobacco. Which pic is more accurate?
Just ordered the new old OCBD. I was going to order the old version due to cost but my size wasn't availabe. I think they're phasing the old version out. The old version Milano fits me perfectly and I'm hoping the new one fits the same. No way I'd pay retail but took advantage of the corporate sale today. We'll see.
It'd be great if it was Golden Bear, also an SF based company. As far as fit goes, to me it just looks like a jacket that fits correctly. Leather jackets look best when they fit somewhat close to the body. My cafe jacket has a short collar to fit under a helmet and zippers at the cuff and breast pocket. It's has armor for riding so I can't really use it casually. I'm looking for a jacket pretty much like this one. Full collar, not zipper heavy and not black.Hopefully...
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