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Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater people who spend way too much time thinking or worrying about what other people are doing +1 - Especially celebrities (except foo of course)
Beer Buying a notebook computer but never moving it off your desk Cigarettes Coffee Extremely spicy food Fur haters that eat meat Homophobia Jonas Brothers Mustard Napping Not paying off your credit cards when you have a money in a savings account earning < 1% interest Pasta Salad Potato Salad Pets Racism Religion Soap Operas The concept of "saving money" buy purchasing something on sale that you wouldn't have purcased if it wasn't on sale
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Self-explanatory. 'This' can mean whatever you want. To get things rolling: I've got to ask... are those "granny" knots? If so, is that on purpose?
I am fond of black shoes but I don't care for the above combo regardless of if the shoes are black or not. An example shoe I own that I would wear with that suit - if I were dressing it up for a wedding - would be the AE Hale in Chili.
Quote: Originally Posted by mcmillin hmmm...I am not sure about that. Honestly, I've never had a customer ask for that. I probably wouldn't advise it, because you might still see the needle marks. If I have time soon, I will try it and let you know what the results are... That would be awesome. I wasn't so much worried about the needle marks but it is a possibility. Here's someone's adventure:...
Quote: Originally Posted by mcmillin ...Our Traveler system is included in the thread used to weave the fabric before it is built into a shirt.... Does this mean I can remove the pocket without leaving a permanent mark behind? I've heard that this is a problem with 100% cotton non-iron shirts.
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