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Hi, are these still available? You have pm. Thanks
merry christmas guys, what size would i be in the UU premium light down / UU premium down, respectively, at 5'8/39 chest/33 sleeve?
Anyone have experience with the wabasha oxfords (boat shoes)? What's the sizing/quality like?
Quote: Originally Posted by effang i like these a lot. what are they? puma? you can see the nike swoosh in the pic bro
Does the C&J Shell boot come in smaller sizes? I take a 7.5 in the modified so I assume that I'd be a 7.5 in these as well..
Would prefer the larger 12" x 15" but let me know what you've got!
Quote: Originally Posted by dcg Those of you the own shoes on the modified last have probably noticed that shoe trees are not a good fit. I've taken to stuffing newspaper in mine after each wear, but am curious if anyone has come up with a more elegant solution. +1. Anything other than wadded up newspaper?
Quote: Originally Posted by k9n haha "This selection is currently not in stock" in 10.5 (0r 9.5 for that matter) you're right. where can i find them in 7.5-8?
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