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Thanks, saved $100
Return it.
This is too bad, at least I got 1 shirt there.
No gentleman's corner on these, should they ? These are Newburys, last 888 in Burnt Pine from Sky Valet Quality on these are very high, I ordered size 8 1/2 UK thinking they would be large for my othodics. But they fit snug. What really surprised me was how much arch support they offer. Much more than any other show I have ever had. I think I may not need the othodic.
Thanks to all the people that helped me.
looks a bit cheesy
no, never.
The twist here is if I have the shoes the doctor may be able to adjust the orthotics when I get them.
So I'm ready to take the plunge and get a pair of really good shoes, I am looking at getting a pair of Newburys in burnt pine. I'm am getting prescription orthotics, I have been using inserts all along and they add 1/2 size to my cheapo shoes. As I am getting these by mail I am worried about the orthotics fitting EG at all. Does anyone have experience with EG and orthotics ? Would it make sense to get the shoes now and have the doctor make sure the new...
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