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Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl the "norweger" is quite nice. imo, it beats the Dover by a far mile. I don't like the way the split toe is sewed, if i may say.
G&G Oakham
Anthony Delos :
U last, Oxblood boxcalf, Redenback soles and metal toe taps
Quote: Originally Posted by Pliny Lovely shoes Pied. Is that 6319 cognac? Yours have a buttery richness many others in 'cognac' do not. Love the colour contrast of upper and sole too. From what i can see in the catalog, the "6319 cognac" boxcalf is different, more brownish. This one is just named "cognac".
Wholecut perforated wingtip, U last, cognac boxcalf
Dimitri Gomez : (credit:
What would be the equivalent UK size ? 8 or 8.5 ?
Dark brown suede oxfords, very versatile, does a great job in most occasions
Burgundy certainly can't be mistaken with black, but they are discreet enough not to draw much attention. Perfect in almost all occasions !
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