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Quote: Originally Posted by awxg Anyone have pictures of at least 1 year old Arcas? All my searches show Arca's still in pristine condition Some used Corthay's : (source : The videos in this article might be of interest for you guys.
Superb ! I expect the MH71 last to pass through time way better than the TG73.
Here's a few trusted cobblers : - Dominique Barilero, 5 rue Amélie, 75007 Paris - Pascal Carnot, 100 boulevard Brune, 75014 Paris - Oum Sack, 64 rue Blomet, 75015 Paris - Mesut Yaprak, 30 rue Delambre, 75014 Paris
Awesome !!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Srynerson I don't think the brown saddle works with the purple. Black, white, or medium grey would all go better with the base color, IMHO. It's not brown, it's orange. Like Hermes' orange.
Same here with the JL Philip II: awesome ! Thanks again.
Thanks to ranker for a very smooth transaction. Recommended seller !
Sorry for the typo, it's Altan of course ! The upper is made of very nice box calf.
Saddle by Atlan
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