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EnGrandePompe http://engrandepompe.forumpersos.com/t2874-egp1-revelation Just ignore the french blabla and enjoy the pics ! I'll wear them with blue or grey pants, maybe bottle green chinos or cords. I'll just make sure something in my outfit has a purple touch (tie, pocket square, stripes of my shirt maybe ?). I also do own a purple tweed jacket Lots of possibilities !
Here's a quick snapshot of my AS boots for EGP :
You can find some exemples on Vass' website. Here for instance : http://www.vass-cipo.hu/Eng/Modellek_03_London/Modell_03_035_Nagy.html
Very nice of course. With improved buckles more over !
Is this really mid brown suede ? It looks a lot lighter than the other mid brown suede i've seen before. Otherwise, nice !
Some more DC Lewis cordovan awesomeness for Spoo.
source : http://engrandepompe.forumpersos.com/t321p625-anthony-delos#58079
So I guess it's ok if I post mine now, Matthew prototype in shell cordovan:
Price drop.
It would be sad that his RTW CJ fit him better than his bespoke Delos.
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