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Ouch ! Ejirardo, that Corthay last doesn't fit you well...
GG Hove in pigskin ?Nice !
The model is called Andrew.
The lapels on the San Diego cut are a joke...
Some Corthay Wilfrid showing off patinas made by l'Atelier du Chausseur (Bordeaux, France) And some other pictures gathered from Leffot and other places.
Sorry, I thought you were wondering why an english shoe manufacturer would refer to "racing green" when producing a forest green shoe.
Oh damn ! Didn't know it was possible to order this model on a different last. Niiiiice !
Try "Courtot", rue de Rennes or "Lucca", bvd des batignolles. Both are bespoke shirt makers. Starting price should be around 200 €
EnGrandePompe http://engrandepompe.forumpersos.com/t2874-egp1-revelation Just ignore the french blabla and enjoy the pics ! I'll wear them with blue or grey pants, maybe bottle green chinos or cords. I'll just make sure something in my outfit has a purple touch (tie, pocket square, stripes of my shirt maybe ?). I also do own a purple tweed jacket Lots of possibilities !
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