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Hi everyone, Very interesting thread ! I hope it will keep growing so we can centralize alot of info in here. Anyone has experience with Jean-Luc Rambure ?
This thread is awesome, wonderful craftmanship. But those heels are just ridiculous
Wondeful pieces of mastercraft !I like the roughness of the suede.Bespoke shoemaking seems to keep people in formidable shape. 87 years old, amazing !Wear in good health.
Anyone wanna try and purchase these ?
Yes, they've been resoled once.
Nothing high end, really.French brand called Ugo Baldini, they have 2 shops in Paris. I dont think you can find them anywhere else.
Fitting pics at Anthony Delos. ( source : ) So i guess he has it all wrong...
Bespoke JM Weston ... ?
Thanks for your concern but the person in this picture isn't me, it's one of the guy from The Armoury.
EG Shannon
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