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As one of the E&R sales assistants told me (when I bought a suit there) that their suits are made in Madagasca (or Mauritius) one of the two but can't remeber which one right now. Neverless I think their quality is good and would happily buy from them again.
Air Asia X flight attendants eh? (It's a low-cost Malaysian airline)
VIE - Vienna (Austria) airport every day of the week.
Can anyone tell me the general price range of both of the shoe models sstomcat mentions at the Vass shop in Budapest? 65 Old English II. model, F last, welted, brown boxcalf, Italian polish, single sole 01 Budapest model, 3636 last, welted, combination of cognac boxcalf and cognac scotchgrain, double sole (in Euro or Forint) Thanks.
QA for an airline.
The poppy is more than just an item of fashion/clothing. If you need to think about whether or not you should or shouldn't wear the poppy with a pocket square then you are wearing it for the wrong reason.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou It was my way of making fun of things from former communist countries. Especially shoes. I'm not a fan of Warsaw Pact shoes. In all seriousness though, I intend to get some Vass. Um, Vass are made in Hungary and Hungary was part of the Warsaw Pact.
From what I remember they were fairly easy to find but like JayJay said, check the quality.
Well, if you are in Vienna then why not look at the Vass selection in the Abbas store?
One of the German department stores (Peek & Cloppenburg) here in Austria has a label called Mc Neal. McNeal sell Sea Island cotton (at least that's what the label says) shirts for 29-49 euro. Seeing other stores selling Sea Island shirts for much much more has made me curious as to what type of material the McNeal shirts are really made of? Any ideas? Is there a very cheap version of Sea Island cotton?
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