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I though people generally drink single malk whiskey when smoking a cigar. As for beer, I usually drink Aussie beer and don't smoke so I'm probably not much help. However, if you get a chance to drink the pale ale by Little Creatures that would be my recommendation.
Depends on the date, transport arrangements, full or partial day to spare. Not many tourist attractions in Melbourne itself, and it's a bit hard to get out and see much in one day. Assuming the worst - that you'll be there on a week day and using public transport - I'd say just walk around the city, drink coffee and eat in the laneways, but then again that's my idea of travel.
I think it's also the versatility of a black suit. There isn't as many options for ties and shirts compared to the other conservative colours. Also, if you start collecting more than a few suits, you don't have as much variety in the pattern.
I'm surprised it took this long for an Aussie thread to turn to sport. BTW, anyone else looking forward to the A-League starting next month? Quote: Good to see more Brisbane folks coming out of the woodwork. Maybe there wouldn't be as much of a need to join here if good fashion was part of the culture already.
Quote: Originally Posted by gregor Hi Guys, I see a lot of nice suits selling on the buy and sell forum and I am interested in buying one sometime soon. I have never bought a suit before, I am 17 but i consider myself a well dressed person. I have a couple of Duchamp, Boss, and Burberry shirts in which I am around a 15.5 neck or 15. Should I ask my Tailor to measure me? I always buy slim fit shirts but if they aren't small enough i get them taken in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin And it does not help that most people that wear jeans never seem to wash them - hell, at least wash your jeans after a wear or two. It's not like people wear their trousers for six weeks without washing them... Perhaps you would like to look at some of the responses in this thread.
Iron Chef Japan is the only one that I care to watch. Great entertainment, and great inspiration for trying new food. I hear good things about the UK Master Chef, but the Aussie version is just bad in so many ways.
Quote: Originally Posted by JibranK I don't understand why people place wallets in the back pocket. It's uncomfortable and easy to be pickpocketed. I feel more comfortable with the wallet in the back than front pocket, even when sitting. Also I don't know of anyone who has been pickpocketed in Melbourne, so I don't think of it as much of a concern.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy Noobs always have to ask what they can wear for a job interview, hence MC's popularity. Hey guys, I'm going to this birthday party on the weekend and they dress code says casual. I haven't been to a birthday party in years and as a result, my only pair of jeans doesn't fit any more... Yeah doesn't work too well. I can't imagine anyone not having casual wear to get by on and needing urgent assistance...
Melbournian here. Also recently joined. Quote: PS. I belive us Aussies have come a long way in fashion and I love it! Maybe, but there is a long way to go still, especially in the shoe department.
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