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Not very good at remembering the opening sequences of movies, but of the top of my head: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Quote: Originally Posted by daft Just watched Howl's Moving Castle which was my first Miyazaki film and I gotta say it was beautiful. I had no idea what the hell was going on and the plot was kinda confusing to me but nonetheless amazing. The music was fantastic and you can't keep your eyes away. What Miyazaki film should I watch next? Spirited Away, then Princess Mononoke (my fav by Miyazaki) if you are looking for something similar in...
Simple meals are usually some seared or grilled fish (salmon or ocean trout usually), with mash potatoes and steamed green vegetables. The trick is to make a simple sauce to match. Ginger jus or mint & cucumber relish works well. And don't forget the sea salt. A nice glass of wine and you're set.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel HunterXHunter (Manga) - So sad that the quality took such a dive, it was another shounen series I rather liked a bit. But as the story went on it seemed to drag, artwork quality took a dive, and it felt like it was going nowhere. Still pretty good up until the Greed Island arc. Regarding the quality of the chapters, I'm told that they really fixed it up for the volume releases. As I don't read manga, I...
There's only one movie I've seen more boring than BWP, and that was Open Water.
Being raised Catholic, drinking wine was pretty much a given.
Quote: Originally Posted by BP348 I see a lot of posts about Pinos, Shiraz and cabs but nothing said about merlot. Is there a reason for this? I'm REAL new at wine so I'm going to try and find some of the recomended wines here. One of the problems I have is living in a smaller town so I'm sure finding most of the recomendations is going to be tough Maybe I'm showing my inexperience but I was at a local store and a couple recomended Lindemans to me....
Red Wine Increases Women's Sexual Desire It might be a good idea to get your significant other to start taking an interest in your hobbies.
Good to hear that your trip wasn't in vein. I had a spare ticket on the night and gave it to some poor guy waiting near the ticket office in hope of a cancellation.
Just saw this at the Melbourne International Film Festival. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0762073/ From the director of oldboy / vengeance trilogy. A great vampire movie in the familiar Park style; lots of black comedy mixed in with drama, that cheesy score and the odd hallucination by central characters. Thought you all might be interested in seeing it, especially if you got dragged into watching/reading Twilight and have lost faith in vampires. It's not a great...
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