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PM sent on the RLBL white & gray check.
Was reading the local newspaper online today and came across this story: Quote: D'ARRY Osborn is 82, lives on the land and until recently had never heard of Japanese manga comics. But he has a lot to thank them for. What connects this old-fashioned winemaker in McLaren Vale and a commuter going home on Tokyo's subway? Manga comics, of course, and in particular The Drops of God, a comic series extolling the virtues of a certain shiraz viognier blend...
No problem with it at all. I have a bigger problem with the people who actively look for company just so they feel comfortable having a drink.
Thanks LA Guy. Loewe looks to have a nice selection so a good chance they'll find something there for me, plus they have stores in the right locations. I think that will be the backup if they cannot find an independent shop or can't be bothered. Desigual doesn't quite fit my style based on their website collection. On the topic of Spanish leathers, does anyone have an opinion of Lottusse?
Do they make mens wear? I had a quick look at their online store but only saw women's items.
I don't really see Spanish brands discussed around here. If you were going to Spain, what stores would you check out and what would you look at buying? Is there more than just leather shoes? My parents will be traveling there in a few weeks, but I have no idea what to tell them to get me. I can't simply say "buy leather shoes" because their judgment sucks. And I don't want to say "don't get me anything" because I'll end up with some dust collecting ornament.
5* tuna belly sashimi 3* salmon sashimi 2* sea eel sushi 2* oyster & mayo sushi 12* uni sashimi 2* king dori fin sushi 4* seared king fish sashimi Wash down with cold sake.
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Wow, better! Oz is synonymous with Shiraz over here. Couldn't disagree with that association either. It does seem that Shiraz is the most produced and consumed style over here, and from what I understand there has been a big push for Aus Shiraz o/s too. Treat it as my personal preference for Cab over Shiraz. Also, I think that in a good year, Cab performs better than Shiraz even in regions known more...
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Lots of nice Shiraz', there. Had the Seppelt, d'Arenberg and Penfolds. Let us know how you like them. Have you tasted Oz Cabs? If so, how do they rate vs. Calis? By Calis I assume you mean California, in which case I cannot compare. As for Oz Cabs in general, I would consider them better than Shiraz as a rule of thumb, and especially when it comes to aging.
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