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I know W+H has a good reputation here, but I was wanting second opinions of this pattern, or other suggestions for a slim hoodie that isn't black or other solid dark colour.
Been looking around for some casual tops (button downs, polos, tees, etc) both online and in stores, and almost every one has a chest pocket. Why? They don't look good to begin with, are annoying to iron and look even worse once they start sagging after a few washes. Even if you needed to use the pocket, half of the ones I saw in person couldn't even hold a pen.
You could try a washed leather belt from Mr Olive. Link Maybe the black doesn't stand out, but I think some of the other colours would work well with jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by psyc1030 any member from melbourne could tell me if TOM FORD at harrolds has any nice stuff? I'd be scared to see what any Tom Ford piece would cost after harrolds mark ups.
Quote: Originally Posted by bach I dunno about literally sweating, but wouldn't being wrapped up in blankets/staying warm allocate more energy to the immune system? I have no authority on the matter, just trying to understand the reasoning. It's about raising your body temperate to kill off bacteria.
Extra rest Keep really warm to the point of sweating Lots of water Take vitamin supplements
Quote: Originally Posted by ComboOrgan it's sublime. I've been to the brewery, and the way they make it is quite interesting. To infuse it, they use a giant "tea bag" filled with spices that is dipped into the fermentation tank. At least for micro breweries, I think this is pretty common. I've brewed a couple of beers and each one was done using this method.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dib I don't think anyone is criticizing TaT because they don't like the style or cut of the suit vs any other brand. Take a look at the quotes in luftvier's post and you can see some people are commenting on TaT in general, not just this one suit. To the OP, please post the resolution you come to after speaking with TaT. It would be useful to myself and other members who plan to use their service. I'm hoping...
Don't stress it and wear what you usually would for any other restaurant, while dressing appropriate to the rest of your group.
Shared a bottle of Zema Estate Cab Sav tonight after work; wine and scotch being the only way I can really relax after work. And since this was become an all wine thread, I also shared a bottle of sake for dinner. Can't wait for the hangover tomorrow.
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