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Hi HC, just wanted to say that I'll be getting my first tie from your site this Christmas. Been following the Aus thread for a bit and that's influence me to try your ties out.Even if you're established in SF, there's always new customers like me coming in and with the poor AUD I can imagine more locals would be attracted to Aussie suppliers. So it's good that you'll still be around.
Was given a bottle as a thankyou gift the other day, and wanted the forum opinion on it: Domane Wachau Terrassen Federspiel - 2007 Gruner Veltliner Good enough to win over someone who only drinks red?
Boat shoes & brown suits
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Ed Hardy and Tapout are considered "metrosexual?" I thought the term was dead to begin with. I wouldn't call them metrosexual, but the only words I can find to describe these people wouldn't make print either. Quote: What the hell are "dyed rats' tails" ?? A rat's tail that has been bleached, while the rest of the hair stays natural. Quite an ugly thing to behold.
Click for story. Quote: Originally Posted by FTA A PARTY promoter has banned "metrosexuals" from a popular club night in a bid to stamp out violence. The promoter, credited with bringing the Perth-based event Dorcia to Melbourne in September, warned punters they would not get in wearing trademark metrosexual attire - for example, low-cut V-neck T-shirts, skinny jeans and pointed white shoes... ...Popular brand Ed Hardy tops the list of...
Never paid much attention to dress shoes other men wear until joining this forum and all the talk about square and pointy shoes. So this week I made a special effort to check out what everyone else was wearing at work...
Quote: Originally Posted by Scoundrel A jean is a jean is a jean, and a t-shirt is a t-shirt is a t-shirt, period (at least IMHO). And a Men's Warehouse suit is navy and made from wool, so no difference to any RLPL suit right?
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 How much are you looking to spend? Hard to say, since there will be 20 people and I cannot speak for what each person will be willing to spend. I'll only be buying for myself, the friend and the birthday girl. To put it on context, food will be $75 per person. Since the friend is covering that bill, people should be willing to drop a bit more on alcohol. I think any bottle under $100 would be safe ground...
Got a birthday coming up where my friend booked a private room in a restaurant. Looking for recommendations from the wine list, as he was asked to pick a few bottles for them to stock. Any tips would be most appreciated.
So not to get everyone sidetracked again, but I do want to know, do people like the look of a chest pocket? Assuming you have no use for it, would you still choose a shirt that has a pocket over a shirt without one?
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