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bump for a few more suggestions before i leave!
thanks i will give those a try any other stores are good for clothes? streetwear and dress wear are both ok with me
so far the ones i see listed they only hold very plain ones like black.. with a logo on it. any other brands?? looking for something simlair to stubbs and wooten kind of style - unforutantely their last dont work that well with my feet so looking for another retailer
thanks i will give those a try!
could you be a bit more specific as to the brand so I can google ahead of time thank you
Hey as the title says I am looking to get some slippers, they can be in velvet or any other type of material... looking for ones that are a bit more fun, not just plain or black with a logo. I checked out Crocket and Jones online, none of those appeal to me too much any other suggestions? Also, any suggestions as to what are must hit up stores? I been to london before and did the department stores and walked along oxford, but that trip was more sight seeing then...
Hey guys, I have a chance to head over to NYC tomorrow for a day, will the shops be open like Uniqlo, Crockett and Jones, and the big department stores like SAKS, and what not? Thanks.
The shine doesnt bother you?
Hey, sorry if this has been covered before.. But I was curious .. do you take off your SC or suit jacket before driving? Due, to a) making the suit shiney (seatbelt) b) all the creases it leaves I'm not so worried about the creases as I am the seatbelt making my suit shiney.. has this happened to anyone before? It's a hassle always taking off your suit jacket before driving and putting it back on during the winter weather.. i find it way too cold! So I guess my...
Thanks for the replies! Alden I find way too bulky for me. I more of a barker black kinda last, or slimmer c&j like the 341 or 348 i cant remember which one. hmm.. never been to Ovadia & Sons, might check it out!!
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