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+1 - I've found the same to be true of my size 42 F lasts. Some are borderline tight, others have a lot of play in the forefoot and instep. They are great shoes, but I do wish the sizing were more consistent.
Looks great UC -- what is the cloth on the Chan?
Saw Chan yesterday -- yep, the same Minnis flannel two-piece (0301) I got for $1430 last year is now $1851. Patrick and I didn't talk about the price increase, but it appears they are getting as much work as they can handle, and feel they have room to keep pushing through price increases.
Wow - I paid $1430 for a Minnis flannel just last year...
+1 My lame IE browser at work is completely overwhelmed by the new system; FF/Chrome run just fine at home. Oh well, work productivity should go up...
Expect to pay $1000-1200 for a sport jacket in a good fabric.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley What is the default style for moleskins? I assume, given their casual nature, flat fronts and no cuffs is the default? Thanks, ET That's how I do them. And they are among my favorite trousers, a welcome sight when the cold months come.
Quote: Originally Posted by Knowledge is King haha, yes of course I was joking -- just having a little fun since the image was quoted so many times in a row. Now for a real question. Any sizing comparisons between F last and C&J 341? In particular, I'm wondering about width and how elongated the F last is in comparison to the C&J 341. Thanks. I wear an 8UK in the 341 and a 42 in F last. The fit is similar -- the F may have a little...
Quote: Originally Posted by jerrybrowne ^^^^^^^^^^ +1 I wouldn't do vents or a ticket pocket on a tuxedo. Nothing wrong with side vents -- you can always have them sewn up later if you don't like them. But you can't go from no vent to vents, from what I understand. Agree that a ticket pocket is not a good choice -- it disrupts the clean lines of the dj.
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 my guess would be calvin klein +1 Suit looks cheap.
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