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Any suggestions as title states. Needed asap.
The wedding is after 6p. Invitations did not say black tie event.
gents, getting married this August and my groomsmen will be wearing black tuxedos. Bridesmaids will be wearing a deep navy color...question is to bow tie color for my guys? Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
yea i have some ferragamos in mind, thanks yall
any suggestions-not including J. Crew. This is for my wedding which is approximately eight weeks away. any help would be appreciated.
i'm a 40R....that yellow suit had me rolling
well thanks for all of the suggestions...seems like even the Armani suit wasn't up to snuff...I'll do some research this weekend.
Whatever happened to purchasing your tux? I'm somewhat in the same boat...except my wedding is next year.
Good evening all, I recently got engaged and will be getting married next year, August/September in a suburb of Detroit. I am in no way on the sartorialist level as most members but I do believe that I can hold my own. With all that said, I plan to buy a tuxedo for the occasion. I am a slim fit guy so I can't just throw anything on. I actually tried this Armani suit...
What size BB ESF did you buy? I'm considering TML fully fitted and figured this was a perfect review. In BB ESF I wear a 15.5/35, so for TML can I stick with that or should I go for a 15/35, etc?Thanks in advance.
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